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Sep 19, 2012
Marijn Haverbeke Bump version post-release 230d532
Sep 25, 2012
Marijn Haverbeke Fix git URL in doc/compress.html 553ce94
Sep 28, 2012
Marijn Haverbeke [util/simple-hint] don't close hint dialog when a modifier key is pre…

Closes #853
Marijn Haverbeke Fix setOption('tabindex', ...) 19f0d06
张飞 Update lib/util/searchcursor.js
fix reverse Regexp match which cause memory leak
Marijn Haverbeke [demo/mustache] Recognize triple braces e8b2cb7
Marijn Haverbeke Don't do overwrite when pasting 64d2081
ara.t.howard embedded ruby configuration cede207
Marijn Haverbeke [javascript&clike modes] Indent block comments with CodeMirror.Pass
This'll align them with the previous line. It's not a perfect solution,
but probably better than simply returning 0.

Issue #854
Marijn Haverbeke Add gittip donation link 831a3a5
Marijn Haverbeke [javascript mode] Fix suble parsing bug in for loop specs 07e933a
Marijn Haverbeke Ensure block-indent doesn't use outdated state
Closes #844
Oct 02, 2012
Brandon Frohs [markdown] Fix performance issue with regex matching of single closin…
…g chars (closes #862).

Also avoid a global variable that snuck through.
Richard Wang Make runmode escaping global dc768cc
Oct 03, 2012
Brandon Frohs [markdown mode] A few fixes for highlighting.
- Prevent "markdown_hrDashLong" test from failing when runHarness() is called manually.

- Render EM / STRONG within link text (closes #823).

- Add highlighting for images (closes #824).
Brandon Frohs [markdown] Fix bug with false positive matches of inline links.
- Inline links (square brackets followed by parentheses) cannot be separated by space (per Documentation and Dingus).

- Added test that checks both for this and correct highlighting of square brackets by themselves.
Brandon Frohs [Markdown] [GFM] Rewrite GFM to inherit changes from Markdown mode be…

- Add options to Markdown mode to make it easier to extend
- Add GFM text overlay
  - SHA, User@SHA, and User/Project@SHA
  - #Num, User/#Num, and User/Project#Num
  - Vanilla URLs
- Add GFM-specific tests
- Fix overlay code so blankLine() is called
Marijn Haverbeke Another kludge in measureLine/lineWrapping interaction
Opening a new span between letters apparently *causes* the browser
to consider that element start to be a good place to break. This
adds zero-width joiners in such a situation to prevent this from

Closes #867
Brandon Frohs Add note about mode dependency and links to highlighting tests. 84baea5
Oct 04, 2012
Brandon Frohs [markdown mode] Fix highlighting for code blocks with internal indent…
Marijn Haverbeke [simplehint util] Support completeSingle option
To turn off the behavior where it'll always complete when only
a single option is left.
Marijn Haverbeke [keymap/vim] Stop using .forEach on arrays 525f15c
Marijn Haverbeke Set pre elements to overflow: visible
Some sites set them to auto, which messes up our cursor (and probably more)
Oct 15, 2012
Marijn Haverbeke [util/simple-hint] Align completion dropdown with completed word
Add alignWithWord option to be able to turn that off.
Brandon Frohs [css] Fix class matching.
This basically matches the CSS3 spec (except it doesn't match non-ascii characters).
Marijn Haverbeke Don't mutated makedSpans arrays
And add marker changes to the undo history, so that
un/redoing doesn't cause 'ghost' markers to appear.

Closes #882
ks-ifware Fixed multi-line Lua comment recognition
Multi-line Lua comments start with "--[[", not "--["
Brandon Frohs Fix typo in manual. ebcd76e
Marijn Haverbeke Fix typo (lenght) fdf78f7
Oct 16, 2012
ComFreek Merged JavaScript and TypeScript mode as marijnh suggested 5ea1eb9
Marijn Haverbeke Make typescript mode recognize type declarations b3c1c79
Marijn Haverbeke Fix removing of spans 2b6d796
Marijn Haverbeke Remove copyright header
(git is the authoritative source of who wrote what)
Marijn Haverbeke Add defineInitHook functionality ac059ff
Oct 18, 2012
Marijn Haverbeke Different approach to ensuring marker.clear works well with undo
The previous approach was quite misguided.
Oct 19, 2012
张飞 Update lib/codemirror.js
fix double click to select a Chinese word in quotes bug:
e.g:<div name='新增'>新增</div>  double click to select word 新增   
Marijn Haverbeke [javascript mode] Handle semicolon-less code better
Closes #898
Marijn Haverbeke [javascript mode] Also count on semicolon omittance in var lists
Issue #898
Marijn Haverbeke Add expanded list of real-world uses as a separate page
So that I don't have to say 'no' so often
Oct 22, 2012
Marijn Haverbeke Add more real-world uses f5bb594
Marijn Haverbeke Mark release 2.35 35846db