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Dec 10, 2012
Marijn Haverbeke Bump version post-3.0 a1b3810
Marijn Haverbeke Fix date noted for release 3.0 14eb2a3
Yunchi Luo mightyguava [vim keymap] Fix mapping : cc6548d
Dec 11, 2012
Marijn Haverbeke [bidi algorithm] Always treat the boundaries of a line as being LTR
Issue #1079
Brandon Frohs bfrohs [markdown] Fix incorrect highlighting of linked images. ca72f85
James Campos aeosynth [readme] add link to 971cb4e
Marijn Haverbeke Force a horizontal align after changing the editor width
This prevents the gutter, when a long line is deleted, from forcing a scroll
on the scroller element, and thus confusing the scrollbar computation.

Issue #1075
Marijn Haverbeke Clip scrollLeft updates to max scroll pos
Prevents overcompensating when re-aligning the gutter.

Closes #1074
Marijn Haverbeke Opera seems to have stopped flipping ctrlKey and metaKey on OS X
And promptly broke CodeMirror in the process.

Issue #1050
Marijn Haverbeke Work around webkit bugs related to super-long lines
Pasting in a 120k-character line caused two problems

 - The textarea, when wrap=off is set, simply cuts off anything after char
   57444. Removing the wrap attribute fixed this.
 - Text nodes longer then (again) 57444 seem not to be rendered beyond that
   character unless wrapped. A hack was added to slice up spans that were
   too long.

Also removes the 'stop highlighting at character 5000' hack, since that
appears to be the least of our worries (highlighting is much faster than

Closes #1080
Marijn Haverbeke Fix bug in iterateBidiSections
When the from and to arguments were equal and the line had an order, it
would never call the callback.

Issue #1079
Brandon Frohs bfrohs [markdown] Prevent leading spaces from being styled.
Regression introduced in 984e155.
Dec 12, 2012
Marijn Haverbeke Add code school to real-world uses 6b9d5c2
Marijn Haverbeke Add rtlMoveVisually option e32beae
Marijn Haverbeke Reinstate disabling highlighting on long lines
It does make a difference after all.
Marijn Haverbeke [css mode] Fix bug in matching of classes 2c6294f
Dec 13, 2012
Ian Wehrman iwehrman track global variables alongside locals in the parser state 1bcc976
Ian Wehrman iwehrman use globals as well as locals in hinting 426a389
Marijn Haverbeke Fix bug in Opera version parsing 65e1552
Dec 17, 2012
Thomas Schmid thsmi Fix strict mode argument redefinition warnings
Firefox complains throws warnings when "Strict Mode" is turned on. This pull request fixes two of those:

    Warning: TypeError: variable data redeclares argument
    Source File: chrome://sieve/content/libs/CodeMirror/lib/codemirror.js
    Line: 845,Column: 8
    Source Code: var data = data || measureLine(cm, line), dir = -1;

    Warning: TypeError: variable spec redeclares argument
    Source File: chrome://sieve/content/libs/CodeMirror/lib/codemirror.js
    Line: 2870, Column: 8
    Source Code: var spec = CodeMirror.resolveMode(spec);
Yunchi Luo mightyguava [vim keymap] Implement :substitute 44c9ad0
Yunchi Luo mightyguava [vim keymap] Implement <, > marks 3d4184b
Yunchi Luo mightyguava Add initial value option to openDialog. 916a8e8
Yunchi Luo mightyguava [vim keymap] Set Ex initial range to selection if in visual mode 6716132
Marijn Haverbeke Clip input to indexFromPos 4bdf569
Dec 18, 2012
Marijn Haverbeke Re-focus old activeElement after patchDisplay
It may have been a widget that was removed and put back again, thus
losing focus.

Issue #1094
Marijn Haverbeke Don't thread state for stateless modes
Saves some work for modes that don't have a startState method.
Marijn Haverbeke Add addOverlay/removeOverlay methods
For cheaply adding extra styling without going over
the whole document and doing markText.

Issue #1069
Marijn Haverbeke Missing semicolon. 7d30ce3
Marijn Haverbeke Fix logic error in 79a7a08 a68af5f
Marijn Haverbeke Hoist focus-restoration out of patchDisplay into updateDisplayInner
Issue #1094
Marijn Haverbeke Fix Opera version detection in test suite (for marking expected failu…

Closes #1095
Marijn Haverbeke Another missing semicolon 3f0b43f
Federico Razzoli santec Add generic SQL mode afd2e8a
Marijn Haverbeke Integrate SQL mode 0b97e94
Narciso Jaramillo njx Unit test for line widget focus restoration fee2bb7
Marijn Haverbeke [tester] Make sure test editor is unhidden when tests fail in debug mode ec508eb
Marijn Haverbeke Allow a specific set of dimensions to be passed to scrollIntoView
Closes #1098
Dec 19, 2012
Narciso Jaramillo njx Ignore certain events when target is inside a line widget 9a076b9
Marijn Haverbeke Fix typo in 9a076b9 b64f3a1
Narciso Jaramillo njx Fix typo in manual 053553f
Marijn Haverbeke Reset line height when removing a line widget
Closes #1102
Dec 20, 2012
Marijn Haverbeke Add Toolsverse Data Explorer to real-world uses 182c6f5
Marijn Haverbeke [clike mode] Support a dontAlignCalls configuration option
Issue #1053
Marijn Haverbeke Mention release 2.37 on project page 47988c0
Dec 30, 2012
Marijn Haverbeke Add my2ndgeneration to real-world uses 88852e7
Marijn Haverbeke Make cursor elements div instead of pre elements
There is no reason for styling intended for lines to affect the cursor.
Peter Kroon peterkroon update test for iPAD 4
closes #993
Marijn Haverbeke Update xml completion demo to new interface for closetag add-on
Closes #1106
Marijn Haverbeke Mention in manual that replacedWith expects an inline elt
Issue #1109
Thomas Schmid thsmi [sieve mode] Better indentation 0296db8
nerbert Add util/collapserange and demo
Collapsing code by selecting a range to collapse in the gutter.
Marijn Haverbeke [util/collapserange] Document and rewrite a71d2bb
Yunchi Luo mightyguava [vim keymap] Fix :map 8857979
lindt lindt added support for D programming language (visit: b06009d
Marijn Haverbeke Integrate D mode 1082693
Marijn Haverbeke [util/foldcode] Fix bug in indentRangeFinder
Closes #1121
Marijn Haverbeke [util/formatting] Don't add a trailing newline unless the formatter w…
…ants one

Issue #1120
Marijn Haverbeke Fix bug in code that compensates for strange browser line wrapping
Closes #1123
Marijn Haverbeke Revert debugging change 634acc1
Jan 02, 2013
Eric Allam ericallam Add a Sass mode 3e8821c
Marijn Haverbeke [sass mode] Integrate new mode e27564b
Marijn Haverbeke [sass mode] Clean up missing semicolons, unused vars, and trailing space 7f87bab
Marijn Haverbeke Expose TextMarker constructor, add getOptions method to it
Issue #1111
Marijn Haverbeke Add overflow: auto to line widget wrapper to prevent margin leaking
(If the widget had a margin, that margin would end up outside the wrapper, throwing off
line height measurement.)

Might be related to issue #925
Marijn Haverbeke Support showIfHidden option in line widgets
Issue #1109
Peter Kroon peterkroon Link collapserange demo from folding demo. 043a6f3
Maximilian Hils mhils Enable JS autocomplete on other variable types.
mode-javascript sets "variable-2" or "variable-3" types, too.
They should trigger autocompletion, too.

Test case:
Yunchi Luo mightyguava Fix fat cursor be495eb
Yunchi Luo mightyguava [vim keymap] Catch up on unit tests 3163310
Yunchi Luo mightyguava [vim keymap] Search highlighting using overlay mode 8a1df14
Marijn Haverbeke Fix bug introduced in 4723904 55d4f13
Marijn Haverbeke [util/collapserange] Don't depend on function definition order inside…
… block

Closes #1128
Jan 04, 2013
Marijn Haverbeke Two more real-world uses 5e3fe8c
Yunchi Luo mightyguava [vim keymap] Add count and empty query support for :s 18d9c45
Yunchi Luo mightyguava [vim keymap] Add {,} motions 9190a49
Jan 07, 2013
Marijn Haverbeke [test suite] Turn on rtlMoveVisually explicitly in rtl movement test 023f240
robertop23 robertop23 Create python-hint.js 51696b4
Marijn Haverbeke Integrate python-hint.js bd09554
Marijn Haverbeke [util/python-hint] Clean up to pass linter e4f4e14
benbro benbro Add missing argument in event listener d81ace3
Jan Jongboom janjongboom application/javascript is also a valid mime for JS
According to [RFC 4329]( the MIME type for javascript files should be either application/javascript or application/ecmascript.
Marijn Haverbeke Make sure loadMode triggers a redraw
Closes #1137
Federico Razzoli santec mode SQL: added special syntax for datetimes
* standard SQL syntax for date/time/timestamp values
* ODBC syntax for date/time/timestamp
* added new syntax in index.html
Marijn Haverbeke Make the hidden textarea wide on Webkit, to prevent wrap=off from mak…
…ing big pastes slow

Issue #1136
Marijn Haverbeke Fix IE problem with clearing parentNode relationships on innerHTML = "" 73cc299
pablopla pablopla Add mode/meta.js, which lists all modes in the distribution 5a72f24
Jan 08, 2013
Marijn Haverbeke Add to real-world uses 763e596
Stas Kobzar staskobzar Add Asterisk dialplan mode b637c39
Marijn Haverbeke Add a separate file listing all modes, unlist obscure ones on the fro…

The list is getting out of hand. Which is great, actually, but the front-page
shouldn't be dominated by it.
Shmuel Englard SamuelEnglard [util/runmodeonly]
Addeds a new util called run mode only that can be used in place of code
that only used codemirror.js and runmode.js for run mode
Marijn Haverbeke [util/runmodeonly] Don't directly assign to global variable
It upsets the linter.
Marijn Haverbeke Organize add-on scripts into subdirectories
Closes #1133
Marijn Haverbeke Fix links in full mode list
Closes #1144
Peter Kroon peterkroon Update LICENSE
Set correct year in license.
Jan 10, 2013
Marijn Haverbeke Check, after updating display, if viewport is really filled
Due to changed line heights, the rendered content might not reach to
the viewport bottom.

Issue #1147
Marijn Haverbeke Make line widget handles objects with methods. Handle widget height b…

Closes #1147

Widget handles now have .clear() and .changed() methods. The second informs CodeMirror
that the widget changed, and causes it to recompute the line height for the widget's

Fixes some sloppiness in the tracking of widget heights.
Marijn Haverbeke Don't set innerHTML in IE
It damages parent-child relationships in subnodes, which we might still
need later.
Marijn Haverbeke Make sure widgets are added to vertical scroll size
Closes #1148
Jan 11, 2013
Rahul Primigenus Correct spelling from "givne" to "given". d8009de
Narciso Jaramillo njx Make temporary wheel measurement vars per-instance ece10c7
Marijn Haverbeke Attach wheel measuring properties to display, not directly to CM inst…

Issue #1151
Jason San Jose jasonsanjose widget.remove() should be widget.clear() 2cf2913
Marijn Haverbeke Add to real-world uses 67084c2
Marijn Haverbeke Remove improperly copy-pasted piece in mode/sieve/LICENSE 2e3c49a
Jan 12, 2013
Marijn Haverbeke [test/mode_test.js] Remove some obsolete cruft d9a8609
Marijn Haverbeke [tests] Overhaul mode testing framework
Tests are now specified in a less redundant format, and should be
easier to read and write.
Marijn Haverbeke Make the tester accurately report total test count
Even when a subset is selected.
Jan 14, 2013
Marijn Haverbeke Add MIHTool to real-world uses 8416706
Marijn Haverbeke Reinstate the fixedGutter option 2165c76
Marijn Haverbeke Use document.documentMode when detecting IE versions
Closes #1149
sonson sonson Support Scala in GFM mode. 4857377
Aleksandr Motsjonov soswow SearchCursor.matches() doesn't work properly if query is /.*/ issue #… 8eca1bc
Marijn Haverbeke Guard against search cursors with a query of ""
They'd exhibit the same infinite traversal behavior mentioned in
Jan 16, 2013
Federico Razzoli santec Improve Mode SQL
* mysql & mariadb:
** .21 syntax
** .table_name syntax
** added keywords
* MIMEs define their operatorChars
* MIMEs have a support prop
* use spaces as tab in index.html for consistency
* some return false -> null
* more comments
Marijn Haverbeke Fix bug in lineIsHidden test
It would occasionally mark lines as hidden that were needed to display
parts of other lines.

Issue #1161
Marijn Haverbeke Update maxLine when adding or clearing a collapsed range
Closes #1161
Marijn Haverbeke Adjust test to work in Phantom.js 1699472
Marijn Haverbeke [gfm mode] Remove link to nonexistent stylesheet 2dafec9
Marijn Haverbeke [gfm mode] Simplify URL regexp, since it's crashing Chrome
Issue #1160
Jan 21, 2013
Shaun Gilchrist shaunxcode Add APL mode 7fc76ca
Marijn Haverbeke Integrate APL mode 180e752
Marijn Haverbeke Properly restore horizonal scroll position on refresh() calls
Issue #1164
Marijn Haverbeke Fix workaround for webkit bug in rendering of overlong text nodes
Issue #1163
Peter Kroon peterkroon Add Opera Mobile UA to the mobile list
Add Opera Mobile UA to the mobile list.
Marijn Haverbeke Make sure the editor is re-focused after a no-op drag
Closes #1168
Marijn Haverbeke [formatting addon] Don't line-break around inline tags e4c42b5
Adam King aking Fix brace indenting for clojure maps. e653b1b
Peter Kroon peterkroon Append image to wrapper
Append image to wrapper. No more appending to document.
Works with multiple editors. Tested: 3 editors beneath each other on 1 page.
Marijn Haverbeke Clean up Opera setDragImage patch
Issue #1166
Marijn Haverbeke Mark release 3.01 32abd31