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Commits on May 25, 2012
@hanshuebner hanshuebner Add SCHEMA-NAME argument to TABLE-DESCRIPTION
The SCHEMA-NAME argument can be used to restrict the columns that are
returned by the TABLE-DESCRIPTION to a certain schema.  By default,
columns from all schemata are returned.
@hanshuebner hanshuebner Documentation update for TABLE-DESCRIPTION change. dc17b19
Showing with 17 additions and 10 deletions.
  1. +4 −2 doc/postmodern.html
  2. +13 −8 postmodern/util.lisp
6 doc/postmodern.html
@@ -442,14 +442,16 @@
<p class="def">
<a name="table-description"></a>
- table-description (name)
+ table-description (name &amp;optional schema-name)
<br/>&#8594; list
<p class="desc">Returns a list of the fields in the named table.
Each field is represented by a list of three elements: the field
name, the type, and a boolean indicating whether the field may be
- null.</p>
+ null. Optionally, schema-name can be specified to restrict the
+ result to fields from the named schema. Without it, all fields in
+ the table are returned, regardless of their schema.</p>
<p class="def">
21 postmodern/util.lisp
@@ -57,15 +57,20 @@ if strings-p is not true."
the view name."
(query (make-exists-query "v" view) :single))
-(defun table-description (table)
+(defun table-description (table &optional schema-name)
"Return a list of (name type null-allowed) lists for the fields of a
- (query (:select 'attname 'typname (:not 'attnotnull)
- :from '
- :inner-join ' :on (:= 'pg-type.oid 'atttypid)
- :inner-join ' :on (:and (:= 'pg-class.oid 'attrelid)
- (:= 'pg-class.relname (to-identifier table)))
- :where (:> 'attnum 0))))
+table. If SCHEMA-NAME is specified, only fields from that schema are
+ (let ((schema-name (or schema-name "")))
+ (query (:select 'attname 'typname (:not 'attnotnull) :distinct
+ :from '
+ :inner-join ' :on (:= 'pg-type.oid 'atttypid)
+ :inner-join ' :on (:and (:= 'pg-class.oid 'attrelid)
+ (:= 'pg-class.relname (to-identifier table)))
+ :inner-join ' :on (:= 'pg-namespace.oid 'pg-class.relnamespace)
+ :where (:and (:> 'attnum 0)
+ (:or (:= schema-name "")
+ (:= 'pg-namespace.nspname schema-name)))))))
(defclass transaction-handle ()
((open-p :initform t :accessor transaction-open-p)

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