Fix breakage in processing (or not) of :col-name slot argument #57

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segv commented Jan 29, 2014

The update, insert, get-dao and upsert methods weren't using the specified slot's :col-name. This change should correct that and provides a test for the expected behavour.

Marco Baringer added some commits Jan 28, 2014

Marco Baringer When computing the column names to use for insert/update methods on d…
…ao instance consider the class's column-map and not just the slots' names.
Marco Baringer When building up s-sql forms in the dao readers/writers make sure to …
…use :raw for the column names (which we have as strings and not symbols)
Marco Baringer Make sure to compute the right sql column name for the :returning col…
…umns in insert-dao
Marco Baringer Tests for :col-name DAO slot argument. 6bf1571

marijnh commented Feb 6, 2014

Could you leave out the random whitespace changes, and use make-symbol instead of :raw to insert the custom names into the query?

Marco Baringer added some commits May 28, 2014

Marco Baringer Removed all whitespace changes on branch vs master (no functional cha…

This commit serves to make the diff between this branc and master easier
to read, review and merge.
Marco Baringer Use make-symbol instead of (list :raw ...) to inject a column name in…
…to an s-sql query.

segv commented May 28, 2014

It sure took long enough, but i've just implemented both of you suggested changes.

all tests still pass.


marijnh commented May 28, 2014

Merged as a single commit aed5bec

marijnh closed this May 28, 2014

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