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Unobtrusive spam protection for SilverStripe CMS
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Invisible Spam Protection



Very simple anti spam protection based on principle that automated spammers enter bogus information in all form fields.

Field is added to form that is hidden using CSS hiding it from human users.

Form is only allowed to be submitted if field is empty.

Includes an EditableInvisibleSpamField to integrate with the UserForms module.


  • Spam Protection
  • SilverStripe 3.#

Install Spam Protection Module

The Spam Protection Module ( provides the basic interface for managing the spam protection. If your are not using composer to manage your dependencies , you have to install this module manually.

Setting up InvisibleSpamProtection

With composer (recomended)

Add this to your composer.json:

    "require": {
        "marijnkampf/InvisibleSpamProtection": "dev-master"

or execute the following command

php composer.phar require "marijnkampf/InvisibleSpamProtection": "dev-master"

After that execute

php composer.phar update "marijnkampf/InvisibleSpamProtection"

to install the module. If you have set your minimum-stability to stable, you may need to install the spam-protection-module explicitly:

php composer.phar require "silverstripe/spamprotection": "1.0.x-dev"
php composer.phar update  

without composer (traditional way)

Download the module and extract it, into a folder which should be named InvisibleSpamProtection.

Enable the Module

Yml configuration add to your config.yml file or create spamprotection.yml with the following:

name: spamprotection
  default_spam_protector: InvisibleSpamProtector

Or enable anti spam in mysite/_config.php by adding line

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