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# El Chicken Wiki

chicken-wiki.el provides some (hopefully) helpful commands to edit
Chicken Wiki (http://wiki.call-cc.org) content.

## Commands

The commands bellow operate on regions to generate Chicken-specific
wiki markup (see

* chicken-wiki-procedure
* chicken-wiki-macro
* chicken-wiki-parameter
* chicken-wiki-constant
* chicken-wiki-record
* chicken-wiki-string
* chicken-wiki-class
* chicken-wiki-method
* chicken-wiki-setter
* chicken-wiki-syntax
* chicken-wiki-type
* chicken-wiki-highlight-scheme
* chicken-wiki-highlight-elisp
* chicken-wiki-highlight-c

The command `chicken-wiki-egg-doc-template` can be used to insert a
template for egg documentation.  It'll prompt for the egg name and
insert template data in the current buffer.  You can set the
`chicken-wiki-egg-author` variable to customize your author section.