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(module salmonella
(;; Exported API
make-salmonella log!
;; report record
make-report report->list report?
report-egg report-egg-set!
report-action report-action-set!
report-status report-status-set!
report-message report-message-set!
report-duration report-duration-set!
(import scheme chicken irregex foreign)
(use srfi-1 srfi-13 posix setup-download setup-api tcp data-structures
ports extras files utils)
(include "salmonella-common.scm")
(include "salmonella-version.scm")
(define-record report egg action status message duration)
(define (report->list report)
(list (report-egg report)
(report-action report)
(report-status report)
(report-message report)
(report-duration report)))
;; From setup-api
(define *windows-shell* (foreign-value "C_WINDOWS_SHELL" bool))
(define (format-command command args)
(let ((cmd (qs (normalize-pathname command))))
(if *windows-shell*
(string-append "\"" cmd)
" "
(string-intersperse (map ->string args))
" 2>&1"
(if *windows-shell*
(define (run-shell-command command args #!key omit-command?)
;; Returns (values <status> <output> <duration>)
;; `omit-command?' controls whether command should be displayed or
;; not in <output> (to show users what command was executed to
;; obtain that output).
(let* ((command (format-command command args))
(start (current-seconds))
(p (open-input-pipe command))
(output (read-all p)))
(values (if *windows-shell*
(close-input-pipe p)
(arithmetic-shift (close-input-pipe p) -8))
(conc (if omit-command? "" (conc command "\n")) output)
(- (current-seconds) start))))
(define (shell-command-output command args)
(let-values (((status output _) (run-shell-command command args omit-command?: #t)))
(unless (zero? status)
(error 'shell-command-output
(sprintf "Command '~a' exited status ~a. Output:\n~a"
(format-command command args)
(string-chomp output)))
(define (save-excursion dir proc)
(let ((current-dir (current-directory)))
(change-directory dir)
(let ((out (proc)))
(change-directory current-dir)
(define (strip-surrounding-quotes text)
(let ((len (string-length text)))
(if (zero? len)
(if (and (char=? (string-ref text 0) #\')
(char=? (string-ref text (fx- len 1)) #\'))
(substring text 1 (fx- len 1))
(define (log! report log-file)
(with-output-to-file log-file
(lambda ()
(pp (report->list report)))
(define (chicken-unit? lib major-version)
(memq lib
(if (< major-version 5)
'(library eval expand data-structures ports files
extras irregex srfi-1 srfi-4 srfi-13 srfi-14
srfi-18 srfi-69 posix utils tcp lolevel foreign)
'(library eval expand data-structures ports files
extras irregex srfi-4 posix utils tcp lolevel foreign)))
(define (egg-installed? egg repo-lib-dir)
(let ((installed-eggs
(map pathname-file
(glob (make-pathname repo-lib-dir "*" "setup-info")))))
(and (member (->string egg) installed-eggs) #t)))
;;; meta data
(define (read-meta-file egg tmp-repo-dir)
;; If `tmp-repo-dir' is `#f', assume this-egg
(let* ((egg (symbol->string egg))
(meta-file (make-pathname (and tmp-repo-dir (list tmp-repo-dir egg))
(and (file-read-access? meta-file)
(handle-exceptions exn
(with-input-from-file meta-file read)))))
;;; HTTP (for docs)
(define egg-doc-host "")
(define egg-doc-port 80)
(define (HEAD-request location)
(conc "HEAD "
" HTTP/1.1" "\r\n"
"Connection: close\r\n"
"User-Agent: salmonella\r\n"
"Accept: */*\r\n"
"Host: " egg-doc-host #\: egg-doc-port "\r\n"
"Content-length: 0\r\n"
;; Stolen from setup-download.scm
(define (match-http-response rsp)
(and (string? rsp)
(irregex-match "HTTP/[0-9.]+\\s+([0-9]+)\\s+.*" rsp)) )
(define (response-match-code? mrsp code)
(and mrsp (string=? (number->string code) (irregex-match-substring mrsp 1))) )
(define (egg-doc-exists? egg #!key eggs-doc-dir major-version)
(cond (eggs-doc-dir
(file-exists? (make-pathname eggs-doc-dir (->string egg))))
(handle-exceptions enx
(let-values (((in out) (tcp-connect egg-doc-host egg-doc-port)))
(let ((req (HEAD-request
`("eggref" ,(number->string major-version))
(->string egg)))))
(display req out)
(flush-output out)
(let ((doc-exists? (response-match-code? (match-http-response (read-line in)) 200)))
(close-output-port out)
(close-input-port in)
(else (error 'egg-doc-exists?
"Missing one of `major-version' or `eggs-doc-dir'"))))
;;; Salmonella
(define (make-salmonella tmp-dir
#!key chicken-installation-prefix
(let* ((mingw? (eq? (build-platform) 'mingw32))
(chicken-installation-prefix (or chicken-installation-prefix (installation-prefix)))
(and eggs-source-dir
(if (absolute-pathname? eggs-source-dir)
(make-pathname (current-directory) eggs-source-dir)))))
(or chicken-install-args
(lambda (repo-dir)
`(-prefix ,repo-dir
,@(if eggs-source-dir
`(-t local -l ,eggs-source-dir)
(make-pathname (list chicken-installation-prefix "bin")
(and mingw? "exe")))
(csi (make-pathname (list chicken-installation-prefix "bin")
(and mingw? "exe")))
(csc (make-pathname (list chicken-installation-prefix "bin")
(and mingw? "exe")))
(tmp-repo-dir (make-pathname tmp-dir "repo"))
(shell-command-output csi '(-np "\"(##sys#fudge 42)\"")))
(let ((v (shell-command-output csi '(-np "\"(chicken-version)\""))))
(string->number (car (string-split v ".")))))
(lib-dir (make-pathname '("lib" "chicken") binary-version))
(tmp-repo-lib-dir (make-pathname tmp-repo-dir lib-dir))
(make-pathname (list tmp-repo-dir "share") "chicken"))
(egg-information (if eggs-source-dir
(gather-egg-information eggs-source-dir)
(for-each (lambda (file)
(unless (file-execute-access? file)
(error 'make-salmonella
(conc file " cannot be found or have no execute access."))))
(list chicken-install csi))
;; Set environment variables (CHICKEN_REPOSITORY will only be set
;; after initializing the repository)
(setenv "CHICKEN_INSTALL_PREFIX" tmp-repo-dir)
(setenv "CHICKEN_INCLUDE_PATH" tmp-repo-share-dir)
(setenv "CHICKEN_C_INCLUDE_PATH" (make-pathname tmp-repo-dir "include/chicken"))
(setenv "PATH" (string-intersperse
(list (make-pathname tmp-repo-dir "bin")
(make-pathname chicken-installation-prefix "bin")
(get-environment-variable "PATH"))
(if (eq? (software-type) 'windows)
(define (log-shell-command egg action command args)
(let-values (((status output duration) (run-shell-command command args)))
(make-report egg action status output duration)))
(define (init-repo!)
;; for create-directory/parents
(parameterize ((setup-verbose-mode #f)
(run-verbose #f))
(create-directory/parents tmp-repo-lib-dir)
(unsetenv "CHICKEN_PREFIX")
(let-values (((status output duration)
(run-shell-command chicken-install
`(-init ,tmp-repo-lib-dir))))
(unless (zero? status)
(error 'init-repo! output))
;; Copy setup.defaults, so we can set CHICKEN_PREFIX
(let ((setup.defaults
(make-pathname (list chicken-installation-prefix
(create-directory tmp-repo-share-dir 'parents)
(file-copy setup.defaults
(make-pathname tmp-repo-share-dir "setup.defaults")
;; CHICKEN_PREFIX after initializing the repo
(setenv "CHICKEN_PREFIX" chicken-installation-prefix)
(setenv "CHICKEN_REPOSITORY" tmp-repo-lib-dir))))
(define (fetch-egg egg #!key (action 'fetch) version)
;; Fetches egg and returns a report object
(save-excursion tmp-dir
(lambda ()
(if (and this-egg? (eq? action 'fetch)) ;; don't fetch this egg
(make-report egg 'fetch 0 "" 0)
(log-shell-command egg
`(-r ,@(chicken-install-args tmp-repo-dir)
,(if version
(conc egg ":" version)
(define (install-egg egg #!optional (action 'install))
;; Installs egg and returns a report object
(let ((install
(lambda ()
`(,@(delete '-test (chicken-install-args tmp-repo-dir)))))))
(if (and this-egg? (eq? action 'install)) ;; install this egg from this dir
(save-excursion (make-pathname tmp-dir (->string egg)) install))))
(define (test-egg egg)
;; Runs egg tests and returns a report object
(let ((start (current-seconds)))
;; Installing test dependencies
(let* ((meta-data (read-meta-file egg (if this-egg? #f tmp-dir)))
(test-deps (alist-ref 'test-depends meta-data)))
(lambda (dep)
(unless (egg-installed? dep tmp-repo-lib-dir)
(let* ((egg (if (pair? dep)
(car dep)
(version (and (list? dep) (cadr dep)))
(fetch-log (fetch-egg egg action: 'fetch-test-dep version: version))
(status (report-status fetch-log)))
(when (and status
(zero? status)
(directory-exists? ;; workaround for issue with chicken 4.5.0 and regex
(make-pathname tmp-dir (->string egg))))
(install-egg egg 'install-test-dep)))))
(remove (lambda (dep)
(chicken-unit? dep major-version))
(or test-deps '()))))
(let ((test-dir (make-pathname (if this-egg?
(list tmp-dir (->string egg)))
(if (and (directory? test-dir)
(file-read-access? (make-pathname test-dir "run.scm")))
(save-excursion test-dir
(lambda ()
(let ((report
`(-script run.scm
,(if (eq? (software-type) 'windows)
"< /dev/null")))))
(report-duration-set! report (- (current-seconds) start))
(make-report egg 'test -1 "" 0)))))
(define (find-setup-info-files egg)
(let ((setup-info-file (make-pathname tmp-repo-lib-dir egg "setup-info")))
(if (file-read-access? setup-info-file)
(list setup-info-file)
;; extension installs more than one module. Find them based
;; on the egg-name key in setup-info files. This feature
;; requires chicken > 4.6.0
(let loop ((setup-info-files
(glob (make-pathname tmp-repo-lib-dir "*.setup-info"))))
(if (null? setup-info-files)
(or (and-let* ((current-setup-info-file (car setup-info-files))
(handle-exceptions exn
(with-input-from-file current-setup-info-file read)))
(egg-name (alist-ref 'egg-name setup-info)))
(if (equal? (car egg-name) egg)
(cons current-setup-info-file
(loop (cdr setup-info-files)))
(loop (cdr setup-info-files))))
(loop (cdr setup-info-files))))))))
(define (setup-info-version egg)
(define (read-version setup-info-file)
(let ((data (with-input-from-file setup-info-file read)))
(and-let* ((version (alist-ref 'version data)))
(car version))))
(let ((setup-info-files (find-setup-info-files egg)))
(cond ((null? setup-info-files) ;; no setup-info file
((null? (cdr setup-info-files)) ;; a single setup-info file
(read-version (car setup-info-files)))
(else ;; multiple setup-info files
(let ((versions
(let loop ((setup-info-files setup-info-files))
(if (null? setup-info-files)
(cons (read-version (car setup-info-files))
(loop (cdr setup-info-files)))))
(cond ((null? versions) ;; no version
((null? (cdr versions)) ;; a single version among all installed modules
(car versions))
(else ;; multiple versions among all installed modules (should not happen)
(define (check-version egg)
;; Check egg version and return a report object.
;; Status:
;; 0: success
;; 1: failure
;; -1: ignore (cannot determine failure or success)
(let ((installed-version (setup-info-version (symbol->string egg))))
(if (list? installed-version)
(make-report egg
(sprintf "~a installs multiple modules with different versions" egg)
(string-intersperse (map ->string installed-version) " "))
(if eggs-source-dir
(let* ((setup-version
(and-let* ((egg-info (alist-ref egg egg-information))
(ver (alist-ref 'version egg-info)))
(->string (car ver))))
(version-ok? (and (not (list? installed-version))
(equal? installed-version setup-version))))
(make-report egg
(if version-ok? 0 1)
(if version-ok?
(sprintf "Mismatch between installed egg version ~a and declared egg version ~a"
installed-version setup-version))
(make-report egg
"Version check requires a local repository of eggs sources."
(define (meta-data egg)
(let ((data (read-meta-file egg (if this-egg? #f tmp-dir))))
(make-report egg 'meta-data (and data #t) data 0)))
(define (check-egg-doc egg)
(let ((start (current-seconds))
(egg-doc-exists? egg
eggs-doc-dir: eggs-doc-dir
major-version: (if eggs-doc-dir #f major-version)))
(end (current-seconds)))
(make-report egg 'check-doc (if doc-exists? 0 1) "" (- end start))))
(define (check-dependencies egg meta-data)
(let* ((egg-deps (get-egg-dependencies meta-data 'with-test-deps))
(filter (lambda (dep)
(chicken-unit? dep major-version))
(invalid-deps? (not (null? invalid-deps)))
(non-symbol-deps (remove (lambda (egg) (symbol? egg)) egg-deps)))
(make-report egg 'check-dependencies (not (or invalid-deps? (not (null? non-symbol-deps))))
(cond (invalid-deps?
"The following chicken units are in one of the "
"dependencies list of this egg: "
(map ->string invalid-deps)
", ")))
((not (null? non-symbol-deps))
"The following dependencies are not symbols: "
(map (lambda (dep)
(with-output-to-string (cut pp dep)))
", ")))
(else ""))
(define (check-category egg meta-data)
(let* ((valid-categories
'(lang-exts graphics debugging logic net io db os ffi web xml
doc-tools egg-tools math oop data parsing tools sound testing
crypt ui code-generation macros misc hell uncategorized obsolete))
(egg-category (and-let* ((categ (alist-ref 'category meta-data)))
(car categ)))
(valid-category? (and (symbol? egg-category)
(memq egg-category valid-categories)
(make-report egg 'check-category valid-category?
(if valid-category?
(cond ((not (symbol? egg-category))
"The specified category is not a symbol")
((not (memq egg-category valid-categories))
(conc "The specified category is invalid: "
(define (check-license egg meta-data)
(let ((license (alist-ref 'license meta-data)))
(make-report egg
(and license #t)
(if license
"Missing license information")
(define (check-author egg meta-data)
(let ((author (alist-ref 'author meta-data)))
(make-report egg
(and author #t)
(if author
"Missing author information")
(define (clear-repo! egg)
(when (file-exists? tmp-repo-dir)
(for-each delete-path
(glob (make-pathname tmp-repo-dir "*"))))
(delete-path (make-pathname tmp-dir egg))
(when clear-chicken-home?
(let ((chicken-home
(shell-command-output csi '(-np "\"(chicken-home)\""))))
(for-each delete-path
(glob (make-pathname chicken-home "*.scm"))))))
(define (env-info)
(define (show-envvar var #!optional value)
(string-append " " var ": "
(or value
(cond ((get-environment-variable var)
=> (lambda (val)
(else "(not set)")))))
(define (program-version prog)
;; Try to obtain the program version by calling it with --version.
;; In case the program doesn't recognize that option, return #f.
(let-values (((status output dur)
(run-shell-command prog '(--version) omit-command?: #t)))
(and (zero? status)
(string-trim-both output))))
(let* ((c-compiler (strip-surrounding-quotes
(shell-command-output csc '(-cc-name))))
(c++-compiler (strip-surrounding-quotes
(shell-command-output csc '(-cxx-name))))
(c-compiler-version (program-version c-compiler))
(c++-compiler-version (program-version c++-compiler)))
salmonella #salmonella-version -- a tool for testing CHICKEN eggs (
Started on #(seconds->string (current-seconds))
Command line: #(string-intersperse (argv))
chicken-install: #chicken-install
repo-dir: #tmp-repo-dir
chicken-install-args: #(chicken-install-args tmp-repo-dir)
C compiler: #c-compiler
C++ compiler: #c++-compiler
C compiler flags: #(shell-command-output csc '(-cflags))
Linker: #(strip-surrounding-quotes (shell-command-output csc '(-ld-name)))
Linker flags: #(shell-command-output csc '(-ldflags))
Libraries: #(shell-command-output csc '(-libs))
CHICKEN banner:
#(shell-command-output csi '(-version))
Environment variables:
#(show-envvar "SALMONELLA_RUNNING")
#(show-envvar "CHICKEN_PREFIX" chicken-installation-prefix)
#(show-envvar "CHICKEN_INCLUDE_PATH")
#(show-envvar "CHICKEN_C_INCLUDE_PATH")
#(show-envvar "CHICKEN_REPOSITORY" tmp-repo-lib-dir)
#(show-envvar "CHICKEN_HOME")
#(show-envvar "CSC_OPTIONS")
#(show-envvar "PATH")
)) ;; Beware of the hack above. CHICKEN_REPOSITORY and CHICKEN_PREFIX
;; are only set by salmonella after `init-repo!' is called. Here we
;; print their value but the environment variable may not be
;; actually set, since `env-info' can be called before `init-repo!'.
(lambda (action #!optional egg #!rest more-args)
(case action
((clear-repo!) (clear-repo! egg))
((init-repo!) (init-repo!))
((fetch) (fetch-egg egg))
((install) (install-egg egg))
((test) (test-egg egg))
((check-version) (check-version egg))
((env-info) (env-info))
((meta-data) (meta-data egg))
((check-dependencies) (check-dependencies egg (car more-args)))
((check-category) (check-category egg (car more-args)))
((check-doc) (check-egg-doc egg))
((check-license) (check-license egg (car more-args)))
((check-author) (check-author egg (car more-args)))
(else (error 'salmonella "Invalid action" action))))))
) ; end module