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mario-goulart committed Oct 11, 2012
1 parent f80e67f commit cd45df54b5edae86bf836fc3b8650f21887f55c5
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@@ -191,6 +191,7 @@
(setenv "CHICKEN_INSTALL_PREFIX" tmp-repo-dir)
(setenv "CHICKEN_INCLUDE_PATH" (make-pathname tmp-repo-dir "share/chicken"))
(setenv "CHICKEN_C_INCLUDE_PATH" (make-pathname tmp-repo-dir "include/chicken"))

(define (log-shell-command egg action command)
(let-values (((status output duration) (run-shell-command command)))
@@ -405,14 +406,15 @@ Environment variables:
#(show-envvar "SALMONELLA_RUNNING")
#(show-envvar "CHICKEN_INCLUDE_PATH")
#(show-envvar "CHICKEN_C_INCLUDE_PATH")
#(show-envvar "CHICKEN_REPOSITORY" tmp-repo-lib-dir)
#(show-envvar "CHICKEN_HOME")
#(show-envvar "CSC_OPTIONS")

) ;; Beware of the hack above. CHICKEN_REPOSITORY is only set by
;; salmonella after `init-repo!' is called. Here we print its value
;; but the environment variable is not actually set, since
;; but the environment variable may not be actually set, since
;; `env-info' can be called before `init-repo!'.

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