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(include "common.scm")
(define (run-remote command jar-file)
(let ((profile-path (make-pathname (current-directory) "profile")))
(open-input-pipe (sprintf "~A ~A" command jar-file))))
(define (with-remote-webdriver jar-file thunk
#!key (scheme 'http)
(host "")
(port 4444)
(path "/wd/hub")
(command "java -jar")
(capabilities '()))
((command-executor-scheme scheme)
(command-executor-host host)
(command-executor-port port)
(command-executor-path path)
(desired-capabilities capabilities))
(run-remote command jar-file)
;; Wait until the webdriver starts accepting requests
(wait-for-connection host port)
(parameterize ((session-identifier (start-session)))
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