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(module spiffy-sexpr-log (split-log?)
(import chicken scheme posix data-structures srfi-13 files)
(use spiffy intarweb uri-common)
(include "common.scm")
(define split-log? (make-parameter #f))
(define (get-current-log-file)
(let* ((now (seconds->local-time (current-seconds)))
(year (+ 1900 (vector-ref now 5)))
(month (+ 1 (vector-ref now 4)))
(day (vector-ref now 3))
(log-dir (make-pathname (list (access-log)
(number->string year))
(->string (pad-number month 2)))))
(unless (directory-exists? log-dir)
(create-directory log-dir 'with-parents))
(make-pathname log-dir (->string (pad-number day 2)) "log")))
(lambda ()
(let ((h (request-headers (current-request))))
(log-to (if (split-log?)
(list (remote-address)
(seconds->string (current-seconds))
(request-method (current-request))
(uri->string (request-uri (current-request)))
(conc (request-major (current-request)) "."
(request-minor (current-request))))
(response-code (current-response))
(uri->string (header-value 'referer h (uri-reference "-")))
(let ((product (header-contents 'user-agent h)))
(if product
(product-unparser product)
"**Unknown product**")))))))
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