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(use posix srfi-1 utils)
(include "common.scm")
(define-record date year month day)
(define months
'((Jan . "01")
(Feb . "02")
(Mar . "03")
(Apr . "04")
(May . "05")
(Jun . "06")
(Jul . "07")
(Aug . "08")
(Sep . "09")
(Oct . "10")
(Nov . "11")
(Dec . "12")))
(define (parse-date date)
(let ((tokens (string-split date)))
(make-date (last tokens)
(alist-ref (string->symbol (cadr tokens)) months)
(caddr tokens))))
(define (log-line line log-file)
(with-output-to-file log-file
(lambda ()
(printf "~S\n" line))
(define (split-log log-file output-dir)
(when (file-exists? output-dir)
(print output-dir " already exists. Aborting.")
(exit 1))
(create-directory output-dir 'with-parents)
(let ((data (read-file log-file))
(overwritten-log-files '()))
(for-each (lambda (line)
(unless (pair? line)
(print "This log file doesn't seem to be in the sexpr format. Aborting.")
(exit 1))
(let* ((d (parse-date (cadr line)))
(dir (make-pathname (list output-dir (date-year d))
(date-month d)))
(make-pathname dir (pad-number (date-day d) 2) "log")))
(unless (directory-exists? dir)
(create-directory dir 'with-parents))
(log-line line split-log-file)))
(define (usage #!optional exit-code)
(print "Usage: " (pathname-strip-directory (program-name)) " <log file> <output dir>")
(when exit-code (exit exit-code)))
(let* ((args (command-line-arguments)))
(when (or (null? args)
(null? (cdr args)))
(usage 1))
(split-log (car args) (cadr args)))