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Using pulque is easy. Usually you will:
1. Switch/create your parallel environment:
- Using pswitch or pcreate. pswitch automatically invokes pcreate when
the environment doesn't exist.
2. Configure your project.
- Using pautogen or pconfigure.
3. Build and install your project.
- Using pmk and pmki
- pswitch Changes to parallel environment.
- pcreate Creates a new parallel environment.
- pexists Requests existence of environment.
- pdetect Detects what repository is using current path.
- plist Lists parallel environments.
- pquit * Resets variables to default values.
- premove * Removes a parallel environment.
The following commands are aliases to commands used to build and configure
projects using autotools. All of them display an alert when the command fails
or successes and allows you to use arguments, for example:
pautogen --disable-something
- pautogen * Short for ''. Uses the parallel environment's prefix.
- pconfigure * Same as pautogen, but calling 'configure'.
- pmk * Short for 'make'.
- pmki * Short for 'make install'.
- pmku * Short for 'make uninstall'.
- pmkc * Short for 'make clean'.
- pmkdc * Short for 'make distclean'.
- pmkd * Short for 'make dist'.
* These commands don't exist until you switch to any parallel environment for
the first time.