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A tiny JavaScript utility to access deep properties using a path (for Node and the Browser)
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Access deep properties using a path

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npm install object-path --save


bower install object-path --save

Typescript typings

tsd query object-path --action install --save


var obj = {
  a: {
    b: "d",
    c: ["e", "f"],
    '\u1200': 'unicode key',
    '': 'key'

var objectPath = require("object-path");

//get deep property
objectPath.get(obj, "a.b");  //returns "d"
objectPath.get(obj, ["a", ""]);  //returns "key"
objectPath.get(obj, 'a.\u1200');  //returns "unicode key"

//get the first non-undefined value
objectPath.coalesce(obj, ['a.z', 'a.d', ['a','b']], 'default');

//empty a given path (but do not delete it) depending on their type,so it retains reference to objects and arrays.
//functions that are not inherited from prototype are set to null.
//object instances are considered objects and just own property names are deleted
objectPath.empty(obj, 'a.b'); // obj.a.b is now ''
objectPath.empty(obj, 'a.c'); // obj.a.c is now []
objectPath.empty(obj, 'a'); // obj.a is now {}

//works also with arrays
objectPath.get(obj, "a.c.1");  //returns "f"
objectPath.get(obj, ["a","c","1"]);  //returns "f"

//can return a default value with get
objectPath.get(obj, ["a.c.b"], "DEFAULT");  //returns "DEFAULT", since a.c.b path doesn't exists, if omitted, returns undefined

objectPath.set(obj, "a.h", "m"); // or objectPath.set(obj, ["a","h"], "m");
objectPath.get(obj, "a.h");  //returns "m"

//set will create intermediate object/arrays
objectPath.set(obj, "a.j.0.f", "m");

//will insert values in array
objectPath.insert(obj, "a.c", "m", 1); // obj.a.c = ["e", "m", "f"]

//push into arrays (and create intermediate objects/arrays)
objectPath.push(obj, "a.k", "o");

//ensure a path exists (if it doesn't, set the default value you provide)
objectPath.ensureExists(obj, "a.k.1", "DEFAULT");
var oldVal = objectPath.ensureExists(obj, "a.b", "DEFAULT"); // oldval === "d"

//deletes a path
objectPath.del(obj, "a.b"); // obj.a.b is now undefined
objectPath.del(obj, ["a","c",0]); // obj.a.c is now ['f']

//tests path existence
objectPath.has(obj, "a.b"); // true
objectPath.has(obj, ["a","d"]); // false

//bind object
var model = objectPath({
  a: {
    b: "d",
    c: ["e", "f"]

//now any method from above is supported directly w/o passing an object
model.get("a.b");  //returns "d"
model.get(["a.c.b"], "DEFAULT");  //returns "DEFAULT"
model.del("a.b"); // obj.a.b is now undefined
model.has("a.b"); // false


If you are looking for an immutable alternative of this library, you can take a look at: object-path-immutable


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