Automatically `npm link` all your packages together!
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zelda npm npm

Automatically npm link all your packages together!

link spin attack

Sometimes Link needs a little help from Zelda.


  1. Install it globally.
npm install -g zelda
  1. Run zelda from your node project directory. For example:
cd ~/code/my-project

zelda finds all the node packages in your code folder (~/code/ in the example). If any of these packages are listed as a dependency in the nearest package.json of your working directory, it automatically symlinks it for you.

Zelda assumes that all your code lives in the directory one level up from the folder where you run zelda. So, keep all your packages in a single folder like ~/code and run zelda inside one of the projects (ex: ~/code/my-project).

what you might do if you're clever

  1. Clone a cool project.
mkdir ~/code
cd ~/code
git clone
  1. Clone the project dependencies you plan to work on.
git clone
git clone
git clone
  1. Recursively npm install all project dependencies, but npm link the ones that are local.
cd webtorrent

Gone are the days of running tons of npm link commands by hand!


  • Automatically npm link all your modules together
  • Supports dependencies, devDependencies, and optionalDependencies
  • Recursively runs npm install so your freshly cloned projects are ready to go!

link is better with zelda!



MIT. Copyright Feross Aboukhadijeh.