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Laravel-blogger is simple, easy-to-start blog platform powered by laravel framework, heavily inspired by Canvas blogging platform.

Current technologies include:


Server Requirements Before you proceed make sure your server meets the following requirements:

Composer PHP >= 7.0 PHP extensions (PDO, SQLite, OpenSSL, Mbstring, Tokenizer) PDO compliant database (SQL / MySQL / PostgreSQL / SQLite)

  1. Two ways of downloading a project
  • use github to clone a project: git clone
  • use a packagist: composer create-project mariocoski/laravel-blogger
  1. Go to the root of your project and run composer install

  2. Run npm install to install all front end dependencies

  3. Run gulp to compile all the assets

  4. Run php artisan vendor:publish to publish all vendor files

  5. Make sure your storage and bootstrap have right permissions: sudo chmod -R 777 ./storage ./bootstrap

  6. Make sure you have an env file copied cp .env.example .env

  7. Install Elastic Search on your server by running shell script sh or following online solutions like: Digital Ocean

  8. Run php artisan blogger:install to finish up the installation


Laravel-blogger is an MIT-licensed open source project available for free to download. All contribution are welcomed!


Laravel-Blogger is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license.

Why not to try install laravel-blogger now?

  • Fully featured dashboard for admin and editor

Laravel Blogger

  • Easy to manage articles section

Laravel Blogger

  • The most powerfull markdown editor - TinyMce

Laravel Blogger

  • Fully featured media manager allows you to upload your images

Laravel Blogger

  • Advanced settings section helps you to control your SEO, Google Analytics and Disqus Comments

Laravel Blogger

  • Amazing, blazing fast full-text searching with Elastic Search

Laravel Blogger

  • Responsive Layout

Laravel Blogger