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Your bitcoind daemon must be running (running just the Bitcoin Core gui is not enough).


The script will ban all fake SegShit8x nodes. The list of nodes is obtained from

Requirements for the bash script (

Command-line JSON processor jq.

Install on Debian-based Linux

sudo apt-get install jq

Install on OSX

brew install jq

Requirements for the perl script (

Perl & Perl packages JSON::XS and LWP::UserAgent.

Install on Debian-based Linux

sudo apt-get install libjson-xs-perl


sudo cpan -i JSON::XS

Download and use the script

git clone
cd ban-segshit8x-nodes

Run the bash script


Run the perl script

perl ./


The ban.ps1 powershell script is a port of the script. Accomplishes the same thing on Windows.

It might work in Powershell 2.0, but you should really have PS 3.0 or greater.

If you've never used Powershell before, you might need to enable script execution. See the instructions here:

Run the ban script

Open a Powershell prompt in the script directory and simply type "./ban".