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Bitfinex Auto Lend

Bitfinex Auto Lend is bitfinex PHP bot that automatically lends your money based on the market prices.

Create a Bitfinex account if you haven't done so yet.

P.S. It's a referral link. If you sign up with it you'll get 10% off of trading and lending fees.


To change options please edit config-{currency}.php

Available currencies to lend: USD, BTC, ETH, ETC, BFX, ZEC, XMR, LTC, DASH.

Option Default Description
api_key - Your API key generated at
api_secret - Your API secret generated at
currency USD Currency of the money to lend.
period 2 Number of days to lend money
remove_after 50 Number of minutes after unexecuted offer will get cancelled
minimum_balance 50 Minimum balance in order to start lending (bitfinex constant)
max_total_swaps 20000 Max number of total swaps to check for a closest rate *

* If there are e.g. total of 12000 swaps at 1%/day and 22000 swaps at 1.001%/day the script chooses the lower rate, because we don't want to go beyond the rate of 20000 swaps. * If the currency isn't lent within an hour you may want to lower this value

How to run

Set cron to automatically execute the script lend.php at given time. To add cron jobs, open crontab file:

crontab -e

and append a cron entry. Make sure you set the correct script path.

Save the file when you're done and make sure you can see your job in crontab:

crontab -l


Option Description
*/30 * * * * /path/to/script/lend.php Run every 30 minutes
30 * * * * /path/to/script/lend.php?currency=btc Run every hour at 30 minutes
0 0 * * * /path/to/script/lend.php?currency=ltc Run every day at 12AM
20 13 * * 6 /path/to/script/lend.php Run every saturday at 1:20PM
0 8 * * 1,2,3,4,5 /path/to/script/lend.php Run every work day at 8AM


Feel free to donate some bitcoins if my work is helpful to you: 1x1UnfVJu7cprs3E2jjQ9WRcdDi5KJxAU

Thank you!