pin 'em up is a tool for placing small notes/post-its (e.g. TODOs/Reminders) on your desktop and organize them in various ways (categorize,hide,upload,export,...). Due to platform independence, the notes can also be shared on different operating systems.
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pin 'em up

1. About
2. System requirements
3. Changelog
4. Contact information
5. Thanks

1. About
  pin 'em up is a tool for placing small notes/post-its (e.g. TODOs/reminders)
  on your desktop and organizing them in various ways (categorize, hide, upload, 
  export, etc.). Due to platform independence, the notes can also be shared
  on different operating systems.

    - OS-independence
    - Integrates into system-tray
    - freely placeable notes
    - many possibilities to customize the note-design
    - (almost) unlimited user-defined categories
    - fast switch between categories (e.g. "home" and "office")
        - via right-click menu
        - via keyboard-shortcuts (ctrl+1, ctrl+2, ..., ctrl+9, crtl+0)
    - automatically save notes to file
    - open file format (XML)
    - server upload- and download functions (FTP, WebDAV)
    - exporting notes into a text-file (e.g. for printing)

2. System requirements
  pin 'em up only runs with Java 7 (JRE) or higher
  (get the latest version at

3. Changelog
    - added keyboard shortcuts for changing a note's category (first 10 categories: ctrl+0 - ctrl+9)
    - added possibility to change font size via keyboard shortcuts (ctrl++ and ctrl+-) or mousewheel (ctrl+mousewheel up/down)
    - added single-click action to tray icon: bring notes to front
    - added czech translation (thanks to Petr Masek)
    - added russian and ukrainian translations (thanks to Vladimir Solomko)
    - Settings are only being saved if something has been changed
    - removed numbers from category items in menus
    - improved look and feel of menus
    - export function does not export empty notes anymore
    - improved export file style (better category markers and windows-style line breaks)
    - BUGFIX: dialog for managing categories is now sized correctly (no controls out of sight)
    - BUGFIX: update category name in note-window if it is changed in category dialog
    - a lot of internal refactoring

    - added support for webdav(s) servers to up-/download the notesfile
    - added support for different languages
    - added german translation
    - changed "active" symbol in menus from '#' to '->'
    - notes are now sent to background when application starts or new notesfile gets loaded
    - only one instance of settings-dialog and category-dialog allowed
    - BUGFIX: buttons in popup-messages are now displayed in the correct language
    - many internal code improvements

    - BUGFIX: font type was changed to SERIF on change of font-size
    - BUGFIX: notesfile now allows negative note-positions (fixes "notesfile not valid" error)
    - notecolor can be changed (9 different colors so far)
    - dialog for managing categories
    - title of note-windows changed (e.g. displayed when pressing alt+tab)
    - some internal code improvements

    - changed default font to sans-serif
    - added new closeicon (can be chosen in settings-dialog)
    - category can be displayed in title-bar of each note
    - variable number of categories (can be added / removed)
    - categories are now stored in the notesfile and not in the settings anymore
    - new package names
    - new website-URL:
    - licensed under GPLv3 (or later) now
    - update check available
    - redesign of settings dialog
    - size of a note cannot be less than 30x40 pixels anymore (makes sure a note can be resized at anytime)
    - automatically jump into the textarea of a note when it is added
    - notes are now stored in XML format (-> files incompatible to 0.2)
    - file on FTP server now has the same name as the local file
    - user can now decide, if the ftp-password shall be stored on disk or not
    - focus not in note on program start
    - deletion of a note must now be confirmed by default (can be turned off)
    - new trayicon(s)
    - added icon for windows executable
    - scrollbar is now hidden when note does not have focus
    - autosize function works properly now
    - some major internal code improvements

    - double click on tray-icon adds new note
    - fixed activation of "Apply"-Button in Settings-Dialog
    - fixed problem with resizing of note-windows when scrollbar appeared
    - double clicking on top-panel of a note fits it's size to the content (vertically only)
    - some internal code improvements
    - notes can be exported to textfile
    - font size can be adjusted for each note
    - new note-design
    - settings are stored in Users Preferences-Object instead of config-file (old file can be removed)
    - notes-file can be chosen by user
    - always-on-top-function added

    - first release

4. Contact information
  Author: Mario Ködding


5. Thanks
  Special Thanks go to:
  - Jan Laczay for his contributions to the project website and the note-color design
  - Andreas Kwiatkowski for redisigning the closeicon
  - Michael Mrose for his contributions to the project website and for testing some new versions
  - Natalie Nöring for testing some new versions