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@mariolukas mariolukas released this 08 Nov 20:58
· 273 commits to develop since this release


  • temperature watch dog
  • support for second laser
  • ciclop and clones support ( interleaved image option )
  • new firmware for cncboard, ciclop and fabscan shield
  • new version of frontend with some bugfixes (see frontend repository)
  • scanning with multiple lasers saves multiple pointclouds now, one for each
    laser and one merged.
  • saving raw images for photogrammetry.
  • added firmware for ciclop, cncshield and snguinololu board


  • default config file, added new params and settings
  • arduino firmware builds with arduino cli and make file now
  • switched docs from md to rst
  • fixed build process
  • added support to save images, texture and laser
  • zipping images


  • communication with external hardware over serial (arduino, FabScanPi HAT)
  • high res out of memory bug
  • prevent async steps while calibration and scanning
  • stepper blocking mode
  • hardware connection check while server is starting (waking up the conttoller)
  • removed bootloader form firmware to prevent flashing damages
  • fixed long timeouts while connecting to the client when no internet conneciton is availanel (aka cccamp bug)