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HydraPlay is a multiroom audio player which can control multiple mopidy instances controlled by a snapcast installation. This project was generated with Angular CLI version 7.3.6.

The project is inspired by a project i have seen on Youtube I found some of the Authors (Ryan Detzel) code on GitLab. I used the html and css parts of the original code form the project. The rest of the code is new. It is Angular and TypeScript based.

I decided to use JSONRPC as protocl, cause both mopidy and snapcast speak JSONRPC by default. The original project used some MQTT parts. But i never figured out how the snapcast communication was established.

Getting Started

The fastest way for getting this setup running is to use the hydracontrol bash script in the hydracontrol folder. This script provides some options for automatic config file generation.

Note: The part for building the application by hydracontrol is not ready yet. You need to build the Application by yourself until it is part of the script. Read the Details section for a detailed configuration overview.

Further information on how it works.