Simple library to allow nicer Linux and Mac console programs.
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Better Console

This simple library has been done for my first-year students at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. It adds to the Linux and Mac console the next functionalities:

  • Specify foreground and background color for the printed text
  • Clear screen
  • Specify coordinates in the screen to print to.
  • Retrieve console screen size (rows and columns)
  • Empty the keyboard buffer
  • Set console type echo on/off
  • Show/hide console cursor
  • Non-blocking read of the standard input (keyboard)

Please have a look to the betterconsole.h in-comments documentation for more documentation about the library.

It includes some utilization examples.

To compile the library as well as the examples:

gcc betterconsole.c examples.c -o examples

Si te gustan mis aportaciones a github, quizás te gustará mi libro Del bit a la Nube