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Additional docs and info

corrected some sample code, and added more info about the benefits of EventBinder use.
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@@ -38,22 +38,38 @@ events, across any number of objects that trigger the events. This allows
events to be grouped together and unbound with a single call during the
clean-up of an object that is bound to the events.
+Ultimately, the EventBinder calls back to the standard Backbone `on` method
+of the object for which events are being handled. The benefit of using the
+EventBinder then, is that you no longer have to manually manage calling `off`
+for each of these events, and you can safely use anonymous callback functions
+as event arguments and stil be able to unbind them when needed.
### Bind Events
+The basic syntax for binding events is to use the `bindTo` method which
+follows the path of Backbone's `on` method for events, but adds one parameter
+to the beginning of the method call: the object that triggers the event.
+For example, if you have a model that you want to listen for events from,
+you can use the EventBinder to manage the event for you:
var binder = new Backbone.EventBinder();
var model = new MyModel();
var handler = {
- doIt: function(){}
+ doIt: function(){ /* ... */ }
-binder.bindTo(model, "change:foo", handler.doIt);
+// same args list as model.on, but putting the model as the first parameter
+binder.bindTo(model, "change:foo", handler.doIt, handler);
-You can optionally specify a 4th parameter as the context in which the callback
-method for the event will be executed:
+You can specify a 4th parameter as the context in which the callback
+method for the event will be executed. If you leave the empty, the default
+context will be used (varies depending on other circumstances) just like
+Backbone's events.
binder.bindTo(model, "change:foo", someCallback, someContext);
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