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updated readme for info about backbone v0.9.9

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# Backbone.EventBinder
-Manage your Backbone events better.
+Manage Backbone v0.9.2 events
## About Backbone.EventBinder
@@ -14,6 +14,16 @@ Backbone.EventBinder provides a simple mechanism for cleaning up your
event bindings, including the ability to clean up anonymous callback
+## Obsolete With Backbone v0.9.9+
+Backbone v0.9.9 introduced two new methods to the Backbone.Events
+object: `listenTo` and `stopListening`. These methods are direct
+replacements for Backbone.EventBinder.
+If you are using Backbone v0.9.9 or higher, you do not need this
+plugin. This repository will stick around for those using Backbone
+v0.9.2, though.
## Downloads And Source
Grab the source from the `src` folder above. Grab the most recent builds

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