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-# Marionette.Async
+# Marionette.Async: Deprecated
Add async / deferred rendering and template loading to [Backbone.Marionette](
+## Deprecation Notice
+**Marionette.Async is no longer supported by the Marionette developers
+or maintainers.**
+After much discussion we decided the cost and complexities that
+Marionette.Async introduced were too high. The patterns that were used
+in Async to facilitate the asynchronous loading of data, loading of
+templates, rendering and other features were at a cost of performance
+in the application, simplicity in the code, and maintainability in
+moving forward.
+Marionette.Async will no longer be updated. No issues will be fixed
+and no release will be made with Marionette v1.0.
+If you wish to continue using Marionette.Async, you can fork this
+project and maintain it as you see fit.
+ -- The Marionette Core Team
## Download
To add support for asynchronously loading templates and rendering views,

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