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  1. The problem you are facing (in as much detail as is necessary to describe the problem to someone who doesn't know anything about the system you're building)
  2. A summary of the proposed solution
  3. A description of how this solution solves the problem, in more detail than item #2
  4. Any additional discussion on possible problems this might introduce, questions that you have related to the changes, etc.

Expected behavior

Tell us what you think should happen.

Actual behavior

If possible, please create a small demo that demonstrates the issue. You can fork for quick demo setup.
Please refrain from giving code examples in altJS languages like CoffeeScript, etc. Marionette is written in plain-old JavaScript and is generally easier for all members in the community to read.


  1. Marionette version:
  2. Backbone version:
  3. Additional build tools, etc: