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v2.x - v3.0.0

A lot of changes were made between v2 and v3. Please see the upgrade guide on the website for the full list of changes and how to migrate to Marionette 3.

v2.0.0 - v2.x

No breaking changes have been introduced between these versions

v1.x.x - v2.0.0

Large amounts of things have changed between these releases. Please refer to to ease the transition from any 1.x app.

v.1.7.x - v1.8.x

No breaking changes have been introduced between these versions

Upgrade to v.1.5.0 ~ v.1.7.x

If you are overriding appendHTML in your collectionView or compositeView make sure to update your method to match the buffering implementation. If you do not you may observe the show event not being called per itemViews

Upgrade to v.1.1.0 ~ v.1.4.x

No breaking changes have been introduced between these versions

Upgrade to v1.1.0

v1.1.0 adds a few new features, but should not break any existing API or behavior. It should, therefore, be a drop-in replacement for v1.0.x.

Please see the changelog for the complete list of what was added and fixed in this release.

Upgrade to v1.0.0

In addition to the following notes, please see previous upgrade guide entries and the changelog.

Backbone 1.0 and Underscore 1.4.4

Marionette v1.0 is built and tested with Backbone v1.0 and Underscore v1.4.4. You should be able to use Backbone v0.9.9 or v0.9.10 with Marionette 1.0, but there is no guarantee that everything will work as expected. Older versions of Backbone are not supported at all.

As of Backbone v1.0, calling fetch() on a collection will not trigger the reset event by default. This will cause Marionette's CollectionView and CompositeView to not function as expected. Be sure to pass the reset: true option when calling fetch().

Wreqr v0.2.0

This update renames the addHandler methods to setHandler to help set the expectation that there is a single handler for any given command or request/response handler. When updating to Wreqr v0.2.0, you will need to change all calls to addHandler to setHandler. For more information on other changes in Wreqr, see the Wreqr changelog.

Grunt v0.4

Grunt v0.4 has a significantly different architecture than previous versions. If you are building Marionette and/or running the specs from your local computer, you will need to update to the latest version of Grunt v0.4 to do so.

See the getting started guide for Grunt.

Once you have done that, you should be able to run Grunt to get things rolling.


This method has been removed. It was never used by Marionette directly, and you should replace its use with a proper polyfill such as Modernizr.

Upgrade to v1.0.0-rc4

RC4 is mostly bug fixes and zombie killing. There are a few things that you need to pay attention to, though. Check the changelog for a more complete list.

Marionette.addEventBinder Function Has Been Removed

The method Marionette.addEventBinder has been removed entirely. If you were using this method call in your code, you will need to delete that line of code.

The replacement for this is simply Backbone.Events, which has the necessary .listenTo and .stopListening methods, as noted in previous upgrade guide entries.

The addEventBinder had provided a 4th context parameter to the .listenTo and .stopListening methods, in anticipation of Backbone adding these in a future release. After further discussion and research, though, I realized that this parameter is not needed. Further, Backbone is not going to be adding this parameter any time soon. There has not been a clear need for it.

Marionette.EventAggregator Object Has Been Removed

The Marionette.EventAggregator object did nothing more than import Backbone.Wreqr.EventAggregator in to the Marionette namespace. This has been removed as it added no value. Replace all uses of Marionette.EventAggregator with Backbone.Wreqr.EventAggregator.

Upgrade v1.0.0-rc3 to Backbone v0.9.10 and jQuery v1.9.0

This is a simple update:

  • Update Backbone to v0.9.10
  • Update jQuery to v1.9.0

Note that there are no changes in Marionette for this minor. You should not have to change any Marionette specific code to update your app. You may have to change code that core Backbone runs, or that jQuery runs, though. This includes any core Backbone features that are included in Marionette, such as the use of the view.make function which is no longer included in Backbone.View.

For more information on what you may need to change, see the change logs for Backbone v0.9.10 and the upgrade guide for jQuery v1.9.0

Upgrade from v1.0.0-rc2 to v1.0.0-rc3

There are several breaking changes that occurred between v1.0.0-rc2 and v1.0.0-rc3 that need special attention. Please use this upgrade guide as a list of things that you need to account for when updating.

In general, you need to grab the latest version of Backbone, Underscore, and Backbone.Wreqr.

Backbone v0.9.2 no longer supported

First and foremost, with the release of Backbone v0.9.9, we are no longer supporting Backbone v0.9.2. There are several additions to v0.9.9 that have made code previously found in Marionette's pre-requisites obsolete. This has caused a ripple effect of API changes for naming consistency in Marionette.

In order to use Marionette v1.0.0-rc3, you must upgrade to Backbone v0.9.9 and Underscore v1.4.3 or higher (as necessary, with Backbone versions).

Backbone.EventBinder is now obsolete

With Backbone v0.9.9, the Backbone.EventBinder pre-requisite is now osbsolete. It will be kept around for backward compatibility with older versions of Marionette and Backbone, but it is no longer used by Marionette directly. Unless you have a significant investment in its use, you should discontinue its use when ugprading to Marionette v1.0.0-rc3.

To replace the use of Backbone.EventBinder in your Marionette applications, you have two choices:

  1. Mix Backbone.Events in to your objects directly
  2. Use Backbone.Wreqr.EventAggregator

With the introduction of .listenTo and .stopListening to Backbone.Events, the need for Backbone.EventBinder is no longer there. You can either use _.extend(myObject, Backbone.Events) to mix in Backbone.Events directly, or you can use an instance of Backbone.Wreqr.EventAggregator to replace your Backbone.EventBinder instances, directly.

Along with this dependency being obsolete now, you should make the following changes:

  • Replace bindTo with listenTo
  • Replace unbindAll with stopListening
  • Remove calls to unbindFrom as this has no equivalent

Marionette.Async is no longer supported

The Marionette.Async library was a mistake from the start. It advocated bad practices by making the View layer responsible for the knowledge of application workflow. I'm happy to say that it has been removed from Marionette and is no longer supported.

If your app currently relies on Marionette.Async, I suggest re-thinking the architecture before upgrading to Marionette v1.0.0-rc3 or later. Specifically, move any logic that deals with asynchronous calls, and workflow / process logic out of your views and in to a Marionette.Controller or other object that can properly coordinate the efforts.

For example, loading a model before displaying it:

  showById: function(id){
    var model = new MyModel({
      id: id

    var promise = model.fetch();

    $.when(promise).then(_.bind(this.showIt, this));

  showIt: function(model){
    var view = new MyView({
      model: model