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Conflict between Marionette and Backbone.stickit #269

kevindente opened this Issue · 5 comments

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The Backbone.stickit data binding library is configured by defining a "bindings" property on the view. Unfortunately, this conflicts with the .bindings property created by Marionette.

I've worked around it for now by using the overload of stickit that lets you pass in a binding configuration as a parameter instead of reading it from the view property. But it would be nice if they could co-exist more nicely.



i'm not surprised this happened - it was just a matter of time, really. i'll see if i can get this figured out for the v0.11 release

@delambo delambo referenced this issue in NYTimes/backbone.stickit

bindings seem to be un-sticking #12


I'm having a hard time finding anything that uses a bindings setting in Marionette. am I looking for the wrong configuration / name?


I added Backbone.StickIt to my test suite for Marionette, in both the dev and master branch, and I don't see any conflicts. you sure this is a conflict with Marionette?


It's actually with BindTo (I'm still on 0.9.3). In the bindTo function, "this.bindings.push". Maybe with the BindTo extraction this isn't a problem any more.


Yeah, this is no longer an issue since BindTo was renamed and refactored to EventBinder. Bindings are stored in this._eventBindings now.

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