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Marionette triggerMethod - event firing order - should take an option #518

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triggerMethod will first trigger the event colon separated first.

this.triggerMethod("the:event") would fire the:event on the instance first.

Then it would call the method onTheEvent on the instance second.

I actually believe that there should be a secondary options argument that allows you to change the order, and instead fire the onTheEvent first, and the:event second.

My reasoning: application specific, but definitely comes up. There are times where you want the view to process something before anything wired up/listening to the view instance fires. Working around this means firing an additional event from the view method after its finished with the event.


Do you have a more concrete example of when you would want this? I'm having a hard time seeing why you would want to depend on the order in which the method vs event get called. Is there a better place where an abstraction or other method override could be introduced, to solve the problem?

As it stands, this change would create a problem with the API. Currently, it allows you to pass an arbitrary number of arguments through the event. Do you have an idea of how to create an API that would allow this, and still handle the scenario of flipping the order?


I'd say it makes sense to call instance's method first by default, even without option to switch the order. Instance should take care of its own duties first, and then let other listeners know that something happened.

Let's say you have view's render event. IMO it's obvious that view should do its onRender first, and than let (e.g. to controller) that it's rendered. It looks like current behaviour was the reason Marionette includes events sequenced events (item:render, item:rendered).


I agree, instance's method first by default, or at list and option to change it.


Agreed, the order definitely should be flipped. The concrete use case is making parent classes behaviors more transparent to subclasses without have to call super on a method override:

var ParentView = Marionette.ItemView.extend({
    initialize: function() {
        this.on('render', function() {
            // relies on something in the UI rendered by the child class..

var ChildView = ParentView.extend({
    onRender: function() {
        // render/customize additional things..

This does not work in the current implementation since the event is triggered first before onRender is called.


:thumbsup: Make triggerMethod call the method first, then fire the event. ping @samccone

@jasonLaster jasonLaster added feature major and removed quick-fix labels
@jasonLaster jasonLaster added this to the v2.0.0 milestone

This makes sense to me. Added this to the 2.0 milestone.


Added to 2.0!

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