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Transitional monkey patch to make Marionette v3 compatible with v2.

Do NOT use this library in production! This library is meant as a transitional tool only. It is not guaranteed to be 100% backwards compatible and it will certainly be less performant.

Currently using v3.0.0-pre.5.

Include and execute this library directly after marionette prior to using the library.

You can turn off certain patches by passing an object setting patches to false.

// main.js
import _ from 'underscore';
import Backbone from 'backbone';
import Marionette from 'backbone.marionette'

import Patch from 'marionette-v3-compat';

// turn off the ItemView and LayoutView patch
  ItemView: false,
  LayoutView: false

Current backport or shimming

If you are currently backporting v3 functionality or shimming in Radio for Wreqr you may need to remove these modifications.

Available Patches

  • ApplicationWreqr: Global channel on Application - app.vent app.reqres and app.commands were removed from Application as well as the app.request and app.execute shortcuts.
  • bindEntityEvents: All uses of bindEntityEvents were renamed bindEvents and unbindEntityEvents were renamed unbindEvents. Additionally these functions no longer accept bindings as a function. You must pass an object.
  • childEvents: childEvents was renamed childViewEvents
  • CollectionView: CollectionView had a number of methods privatized
  • Controller: Controller was removed in v3
  • deprecatedEvents: throws deprecation notices for a number of removed events
    • render:collection was renamed render:children
    • destroy:collection was renamed destroy:children
    • render:template is no longer triggered.
  • getChildView: getChildView was removed from CollectionView as childView can now accept a function. Also getEmptyView was removed from CollectionView as emptyView can now accept a function.
  • ItemView: Marionette.ItemView is now Marionette.View in v3
  • LayoutView: Marionette.LayoutView is now Marionette.View in v3
  • Module: Module was removed in v3
  • normalizeUi: normalizeUIString, normalizeUIKeys and normalizeUIValues were removed.
  • proxyFunctions: proxyGetOption, proxyBindEntityEvents and proxyUnbindEntityEvents were removed. Use
  • Region: Region swap events and attachView were removed. By default show will not re-render a rendered view, so attachView is unnecessary.
  • RegionManager: RegionManager was removed in v3. The Marionette.actAsCollection utility was only used by RegionManager, so it was also removed.
  • RegionShowEvent: Showing a view in a region no longer triggers a show event on the View in v3
  • regionsOnApplication: Region instances are no longer appended to the Application. Application has only one region and to access it use getRegion.
  • regionsOnView: Region instances are no longer appended to the View. Use getRegion to get the region by name from the view.
    • One caveat is this patch creates a new instance of the region. If you listenTo a region attached to the view it will not receive the events of the region from getRegion. The patch assumes some consistency.
  • RegionStaticMethods: The static build methods for a Region were removed in v3.
  • templateHelpers: View's templateHelpers is now templateContext in v3
  • triggerProxy: View events proxied to a parent layout no longer automatically prepend the view as the 1st argument.

Known Issues

  • Marionette v3 no longer uses Wreqr. This library shims Radio over the Wreqr API. If you are using Wreqr directly sharing channels they will not communicate with the Application's channel.

  • Changes to Marionette.deprecate are not accounted for.

Unaccounted for breaking changes:

  • In v2 many options passed on instantiation could be modified after instantiation. In v3, options are merged on instantiation and not used internally afterwards. To modify the option passed in on v3, modify the value on the instance itself.

  • Region: before:show / show events in v2 passed the view, the region, and options, but in v3 pass the region, the view and options

  • Region: before:empty / empty events in v3 now pass the region as the first argument

  • Region: before:destroy / destroy events in v3 now pass the region as the first argument

  • Region: show({forceShow: true}) was removed. In v3 a view is rendered if it was not previously and it is show if it was not shown previously. If you need to retrigger events, either re-render or empty/show again.

  • Application: In v2 options passed while instantiating an Application were merged onto the Application. This was removed in v3 and not re-implemented here.

  • Object destroy events now pass the view as the 1st argument.

  • CollectionView.isEmpty is no longer passed the collection as the first argument.

  • CollectionView onAddChild and onRemoveChild are now passed the collectionView as the 1st argument and the childView as the second.

  • CollectionView.renderChildView was removed entirely

  • View.delegateEvents / View.undelegateEvents no longer delegate entity events. Those are delegated separately in v3.

  • View.isRendered / View.isDestroyed flags in v2 are now functions in v3. This is not accounted for here.

  • View.triggers in v2 passed a object to the handler containing the view, model, and collection. In v3 instead of this option, simply the view is passed (which will contain the model or collection anyhow).

  • View.serializeModel in v3 uses this.model and does not take model as an argument.

  • View.destroy in v3 doesn't call Backbone.View.remove directly however all pieces of it are called. As long as someone isn't overriding remove in Backbone, this is a non-breaking change.

  • View destroy events now pass the view as the 1st argument.

  • View.modelEvents and View.collectionEvents were bound on delegateEvents in v2, but it was separated in v3 into its own delegateEntityEvents. Entity events are now only bound upon initialization.

  • View add:region and remove:region now pass the view as the 1st argument

  • View does not have an attached RegionManager.

  • View childViewEvents (previously named childEvents) are calculated and cached when the events has is delegated instead of on each trigger.

  • View - the v2 Layout's destroyImmediate is the default functionality of View's in v3.

  • LayoutView.regions were passed the options from the view's instantiation due to the getOption not being available. This is no longer the case in v3 and getOption (or this.options) will work to get options.


Transitional monkey patch to make Marionette v3 compatible with v2.




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