Hacking a toy robot to control it with my brainwaves
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I hacked a toy robot to control it with my brain:

  • If I concentrate the robot goes forward.
  • If I meditate, the robot turns left.

Here's a little video :-)

Mind Controlled Robot

The EEG headset I am using to analyze my brainwaves is the Neurosky Mindwave Mobile.

The remote of the toy robot is hacked and connected to an Arduino microcontroller.

To control the robot I used these 2 simple principles:

  • Meditation produces alpha waves (frequency range: 7.5-12.5 Hz)
  • Attention produces beta waves (frequency range: 12.5-30 Hz)

So by isolating these 2 frequencies in my brainwaves, I can trigger the right signals to control the robot.

Here is the chain of events:

  • The EEG headset records my brainwaves.
  • The brainwaves are analyzed on my computer to isolate the right frequencies.
  • The computer is connected to an Arduino microcontroller. The Arduino gets a specific input for each frequency detected.
  • The Arduino is connected to the robot remote (hacked)