EEG data Classification & Anomaly Detection with NuPIC
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Using Numenta's Hierachical Temporal Memory algorithm to classify EEG data

NB: EEG is the recording of electrical activity along the scalp - in other words, brainwaves :-)

Motor Imagery Classification (NuPIC Fall 2014 Hackathon)

  • motor_imagery contains the code for EEG motor imagery classification.
  • EGG data was recorded around the motor cortex.
  • The signals were recorded with a 8 channels EEG and OpenBCI board.
  • There are 3 phases: no movement, left hand, right hand.
  • The sampling rate is 4 ms.
  • This classifier was made at the Numenta Hackathon (NuPIC Fall 2014 Hackathon) where I gave a little demo.
  • See demo slides and video.