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My Emacs configuration

This is a repository holding my init.el file and the non-generated contents of my .emacs.d directory (including installed packages) so that I can track changes in my Emacs configuration in a better way.


For this to work, though, a few dependencies need to be satisfied, both in terms of system packages, python modules and internal commands in Emacs

System packages

Only a few Emacs packages are needed, plus cscope for C/C++ code navigation and pip for extra python modules:

sudo yum install Emacs
sudo yum install Emacs-goodies
sudo yum install cscope
sudo yum install python-pip

Python modules

Flymake requires pyflakes:

sudo pip install pyflakes

Jedi requires virtualenv:

sudo pip install virtualenv

Internal commands in Emacs

Jedi requires a one-time installation of the jedi server:

M-x jedi:install-server