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BrightStar - A Slackware package awareness tool.
Initially I wanted something to query Slackbuilds but then I suffered from some
scope creep and things have been degenerating... That is I decided that it
would be nice if the tool could also query native Slackware packages.
Hopefully this will not turn into a black hole. :)
It is written in C, which I have been learning, and I am also learning
about Slackware innards which somewhat add to the challenge.
I am not trying to replace any existing tool. All this is astronomical
storm is for fun. And if this can help any Slackware user, then so be it.
Brightstar, named after darkstar, the default hostname of any Slackware
installation is aimed at making you a little more aware of your system.
It allows you to query for packages whether they are native Slackware ones
or from Slackbuild repository. Ability to sync Slackbuild repo is implemented
as well as downloading packages.
There is no installation or removing abilities of package at this time. It is
in the todo jar.
Compile & Installation
Use the Makefile or look at the gcc command in brightstar.c
Implement Install, remove etc.
Implement ncurse interface
Implement better CLI display through color output
See if possible to add additional repositories