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Twidere - Twitter client, ∞

Twidere is a powerful twitter client for Android 1.6+, which gives you a full Holo theme and much more.


  • Pure & Clean Holo design works for pre-ICS devices
  • Two themes (dark and light theme)
  • Dual pane layout for Tablets
  • Inline image preview
  • Built in image viewer and map viewer
  • Custom tabs
  • Direct messages with conversation style
  • Filters (block unwanted tweets)
  • Drafts feature
  • Extension support like Twicca, but more friendly for users and developers
  • link auto expanding
  • Multiple account support
  • Custom OAuth consumer key/secret
  • Basic features supported for StatusNet/Fanfou
  • Direct login with user name and password (Don't worry! It's safe!)
  • Custom API Proxy (gtap, twip, jtapi supported)
  • GZip compressing for API requests
  • TCP DNS query and custom host mapping to fight against censorship
  • Free and open source, without any ads!

Icon designers


@ilovinheart (0.0.7 version)

@Rieya (0.0.6 version)

Thanks to their excellent design!

Translate twidere to your language

I started a crowdin project, so anyone can do something for Twidere. Visit this crowdin project page

Consider donate?

Thats all my stuffs to develop Twidere (Taken by my SONY Xperia ray, it's my another Android device).

This netbook (HASEE Q130B, 1.6GHz Intel Atom N270, $300 in 2009) is nearly broken, the desktop computer behind it works fine, but it only have 1GB RAM. It's too small to run Eclipse and Android Emulator.

So, buy me a RAM stick, a bread or anything you want :)

Donate Via Alipay(支付宝)

Email address:

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