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Selenium and FitNesse Integration. Users: Download the most recently-dated selenesse-wiki-and-jar zip file to get started (NOT the source). The acceptance tests for Selenesse itself are in that download, along with installation instructions.
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Selenesse is the modern bridge between FitNesse and Selenium. 

To start using Selenesse, download the project from github.

To start the FitNesse server and access the wiki, go to the project directory and
execute: java -jar fitnesse.jar

Now open your browser at http://localhost:8080 to access the FitNesse wiki.

Download Selenium from  (Note: we like the Sauce Labs
version of Selenium known as Sauce RC:
Not only is it easy to control in both Windows and *nix systems, it also fixes
a bug that, as of this writing, makes the regular Selenium unusable on Mac OSX
version 10.6.)

Start Selenium on the default port 4444. 

Open http://localhost:8080/SuiteSelenesseExample and press the "Suite" button to
run the test. You should see an instance of Firefox come up and execute the
search on Google for 'Selenesse', and the bars of the test should turn green.

Other examples of Selenesse tests are available on Dawn Cannans home page:
and can be downloaded on the page at "Executable Specifications using FitNesse and Selenium".

You can get further help on the Selenesse user group:

(Copied from FitNesseRoot/SuiteSelenesseExample/InstallationInstructions/content.txt)
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