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You should probably have a look at biggie-orm since that offers a more complete and probably faster redis ORM. (however it does not have proper unique support yet and some other things aren't 100%)


Nohm is an object relational mapper (ORM) written for node.js and redis.

It was originally thought to be a node.js implementation of ohm but gradually slided away from that approach.


If you haven't done this yet: install npm

curl | sh

Installing nohm

npm install nohm


Early in development.

What currently works:

  • Creating/updating/removing (including indexes, uniques and sorted indexes)
  • validation
  • and some other small stuff
  • relations
  • retrieving by id
  • finding ids by index/unique

What does not yet work:

  • probably some other things
  • double-metaphone text search

There is also no documentation or examples yet. For some rough examples you can look at the tests. (test/features.js, test/validations.js and test.relations.js)


Yes, please contact me or just fork and request pulls. Any help or feedback is appreciated. If you use nohm I'd also be happy if you just drop me a quick msg about it.


node test/tests.js
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