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Intro to Android Dev during the Hackathon part of CASCON 2011
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Hackathon - part of CASCON 2011

Day #1:

  • met the team,
  • got our challenge: a cross-platform(Android, Blackberry, iOS) mobile app for the Scott Mission (touching video),
  • had lunch... yummy,
  • discussed requirements and approaches,
  • put pen to paper and came up with a wireframe for the app,
  • tinkered with PhoneGap examples,
  • given that the ladies from the Scott Mission were very interested in push notifications, we considered Urban Airship.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Don't forget to switch to the openjdk if you're using the IBM jdk
    on Ubuntu sudo update-alternatives --config java is pretty neat!
  2. Don't forget, to rotate the Android emulator in landscape mode, hit Ctrl+F12?
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