Link aggregator inspired by reddit using ActivityPub federation.
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This is a new attempt at the social link aggregator paradigm.

It leverages the ActivityPub web specification for social networking and uses federation to prevent some of the problems that exist currently in similar communities.

The main reason why link aggregators lose their appeal is the increasing number of users, which more often than not, do not share the existing group's interests and philosophies. As the number grows, the topics start to expand over a larger spectrum, people get flooded with irrelevant content, while what is relevant gets buried.

This is why the main component which will be missing in this implementation is the concept of using the same instance for merging multiple interest groups and replacing it with the different instances themselves. This way every community will be able to create one of their own and enforce (or not) their own moderation rules and topic preferences.

At the same time, through the federation mechanism between instances, the users can subscribe to other streams and will receive updates from them. As a plus, due to the interoperability that ActivityPub brings, they are not only limited to link aggregators, but can also interact with other AP capable services.