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Building and Composing Actions in Playframework 2.2


The way Actions are built and composed has changed in Playframework 2.2. This repository features sample code that will guide you through the new Action-style. But please read the accompanying blog post first: http://www.mariussoutier.com/blog/2013/09/17/playframework-2-2-action-building-action-composition/

EssentialAction vs. Action

It's not entirely clear how to choose between EssentialAction, EssentialFilter, ActionBuilder, and Action.

  • Choose EssentialFilter when you want to build application-wide rules that ignore the request body
  • Choose EssentialAction when you want to build action-specific rules that ignore the request body or if you want to use function composition or if you want to stream the request body
  • Choose ActionBuilder to easily build and compose actions that handle both Result and Future[SimpleResult] on the fly, or if you want to add properties to the request (see WrappedRequest)
  • Use Action if you need the body and want more control than ActionBuilder gives you

EssentialAction vs Action

ActionBuilding Internals

Are you curious to learn more? This is an overview of how Actions are really built, and how that differs from invoking an Action.

Action Building