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Example application for Play+AngularJS+RequireJS.

Angular Version Note

Please note that this seed uses Angular 1.x and will not be updated for newer versions of Angular. I might create a new seed in the future, but personally I prefer using Scala.js with React.


This template application shows how to organize your application with Playframework 2, WebJars, RequireJS and AngularJS.

It shows an alternative way of organizing modules than the official Angular-Play-Seed.

For a full explanation, read the following blog post:

The updates made for Play 2.2 and newer WebJars are explained here:

The changes for Play 2.3 and sbt-web are discussed in this series about sbt-web:

The changes for Play 2.4 are summarized in this short summary post:

Updated for Play 2.5 with only a few minor changes.

Code Organization

The JavaScript modules are organized as follows:

|- app
|-- assets
|--- javascripts    <- contains all the JavaScript/CoffeeScript modules
|---- app.js        <- app module, wires everything together
|---- main.js       <- tells RequireJS how to load modules and bootstraps the app
|---- common/       <- a module, in this case
|----- main.js      <- main file of the module, loads all sub-files in this folder
|----- filters.js   <- common's filters
|----- directives/  <- common's directives
|----- services/    <- common's services
|---- ...

Trying It Out

Dev Mode

  • Load dependencies via sbt update
  • Run via sbt ~run
  • Go to localhost:9000

This uses the normal JavaScript files and loads libraries from the downloaded WebJars.

Prod Mode


  • Run sbt testProd


  • Produce executable via sbt clean dist
  • Extract unzip target/universal/
  • Run play-angular-require-seed-2.x.x/bin/play-angular-require-seed -Dhttp.port=9000 -Dconfig.resource=prod.conf

This uses the uglified JavaScript files, versioned and compressed assets, and loads WebJars resources from the jsDelivr CDN.


This application is also published as a Typesafe Activator template:

To use it from Activator, type

$ activator new <project-name>

Activator will now ask you to choose a template:

Browse the list of templates:
Choose from these featured templates or enter a template name:
  1) minimal-java
  2) minimal-scala
  3) play-java
  4) play-scala

Enter play-angular-require-seed (you can use tab completion).

> play-angular-require-seed
OK, application "<project-name>" is being created using the "play-angular-require-seed" template.

Your new app is now ready for development. Switch to its directory and run activator or sbt.

$ cd <project-name>
$ activator ~run


Seed Application for Playframework 2, RequireJS, WebJars, and AngularJS 1.x





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