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Playframework Safari Tools

Safari extension for Playframework 2 developers. A port of the Playframework Chrome Tools by James Ward.

Auto Reload

Reload the browser window automatically when you make a change in your code. Requires the play-auto-refresh sbt plug-in to be enabled in your project.

The extension also maintains the scrolling position between reloads.

Open Errors in Editor

Make an error clickable to jump directly to the corresponding source file.

Requires configuring a URL in the preferences to which the absolute path to the file in error and the line triggering the error are passed (you can find the setting in Safari > Preferences > Extensions).

For IntelliJ IDEA, the RemoteCall plugin (, also available from the plugin repository, can be used. In this case the URL to configure is http://localhost:8091?message=$file:$line. It is also possible to use a different port.

For SublimeText, you can use subl-handler and configure the URL to subl://open/?file=/path/to/$file&line=$line.


You can download the latest version from the releases tab and install it via double-click. Installation from the Safari gallery hopefully soon.