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This is an example of a simple sbt-web plugin.

The plugin itself does nothing fancy, it only concatenates assets. You'd usually do this with JavaScript files to save requests, but could also use it with CSS or even HTML.

To enable the plugin, add sbt-web and concat to your plugins.sbt and enable sbt-web on your root project. concat will bootstrap itself and also import its main task, concat, into your build.sbt file. Add it to the asset pipeline to run it on your assets:

pipelineStages := Seq(concat)

You can control the plugin by importing ConcatKeys._ and overriding any of the following settings:

Option Description
fileSeparator String to put between the files; defaults to empty String
outputFileName The output file name; defaults to main.js
includeFilter in concat The files to concatenate; defaults to JavaScript assets

To play around with it, go to the sbt-concat-example project, run sbt and then ;clean;web-pipeline. You cannot execute concat directly because the task is a function that requires input mappings (take a look at it via show concat). The resulting files will be in sbt-concat-example/target/web/assets-managed/main/concat.

Also check out the slides for a talk I gave about sbt-web.