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Awesome EventStorming

EventStorming is a workshop-based method to quickly find out what is happening in the domain of a software program.[1] Comparing to other methods it is extremely lightweight and requires intentionally no support by a computer. The result is expressed in sticky notes on a wide wall. The business process is "stormed out" as a series of domain events which are denoted as orange stickies (Wikipedia definition)

My first contact with EventStorming was accidental, it was just a new method proposed by someone from the team for fast introduction into the domain. Nowadays, after few years of practicing, using it in different projects, providing workshops and digging into EventStorming (as Alberto said many times, we just only scratched the surface!) this technique became one of my most important tools.

Do you need to know this tool? No matter if you work on green-field software, legacy application or even non-IT project, you will find benefits in this technique. So... why not?

It's developer's (mis)understanding, not expert knowledge that gets released into production

  • Alberto Brandolini

You can find here some links to interesting materials, articles or presentations about EventStorming. Pull-requests are always welcome!

Notation (extended)

EventStorming offers notation for process and software modeling, like Events, Commands, Aggregates, Read Models... Notation is open and you can always add your own elements to make model even better. This is why I'm using Rules, Metrics, Alerts and few other concepts. It's always about embedding different perspectives into model, making them visible.

Example Big Picture session

2x3h of Big Picture sessions we performed in our project:




Presentation slides

People on Twitter

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Remote EventStorming

Have you ever been at "remote" party or tried to listen few parallel discussions the same time? Ok, you know the answer...

Notes from Alberto Brandolini


Other resources

"Trying out online EventStorming" video taken at Virtual DDD meetup:

Usage, software implementations using EventStorming

Online Communities

Offline Communities

Related topics

There are some interesting articles not directly connected to main topic, but underlaying concepts.