Gesty is a set of vector gesture icons.
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Axure 5.x
Axure 6.x
EPS All In One
Illustrator All In One (CS4 or newer)
Illustrator Symbols (CS4 or newer)
OmniGraffle 5.x
Photoshop Custom Shape Library (CS4 or newer) Upload Feb 11, 2015
SVG All In One

#Gesty - Set of vector gesture icons Gesty is a set of vector gesture icons useful for UI/UX designers, manuals publishers and many other creators. Available in three different styles, few combinations and popular formats (.AI, .PSD, .EPS, .SVG, AXURE, OMNIGRAFFLE).

If you like this set maybe you want to buy a binary coffee for me :)

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Mariusz Ostrowski
Twitter: @faktory