augmenting Linux with the CUDA GPU
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KGPU - Augmenting Linux with GPUs

What is it?

Treating the GPU as a computing co-processor. To enable the data-parallel 
computation inside the Linux kernel. Using SIMD (or SIMT in CUDA) style code to
 accelerate Linux kernel functionality.

Make the Linux kernel really parallelized: which is not only processing 
multiple requests concurrently, but can also partition a single large 
requested computation into tiles and do them on GPU cores.

GPU can give the OS kernel dedicated cores that can be fully occupied by the 
kernel. But the multicore CPUs should not be occupied by the kernel because 
other tasks also need them.

KGPU is not an OS running on GPU, which is almost impossible because of the 
limited functionality of current GPU architectures. KGPU tries to enable 
vector computing for the kernel.

*To access the code, using git to clone: 
or goto .*

As for copyright license, we use GPLv2.

Try it?

	We use GTX480. You don't need such high-end video card, but
	you should have a NVIDIA card that support CUDA computing
	capability 2.0 or higher.

	We compile the CUDA code with nvcc in CUDA 3.2. The OS kernel
	is vanilla Linux 2.6.38.

Make and Run it:
     Check out the code from Github or download the archive from Google
     Code and extract files into say kgpu directory:
     cd kgpu
     cd kgpu && make all && cd -
     cd services/gaes/gaes_ecb/ && make all && cd -
     cd services/gaes/libsrv_gaes && make all && cd -
     cd services/gaes/ecryptfs && make all && cd -
     cd kgpu && sudo insmod kgpu.ko && cd -
     STOP here, you need do dmesg to check what device numbers kgpu got.
     By doing: dmesg | tail -n 10, you'll find such line:
     "[kgpu] Info: major <xxx>" where <xxx> is number, say 250.
     Then you create a device file in /dev by doing:
     sudo mknod /dev/kgpu c <xxx> 0
     <xxx> is the number in the line outputed by dmesg.
     sudo insmod services/gaes/gaes_ecb/gaes_ecb.ko
     sudo kgpu/helper -l <absolute-path-of-current-dir>/services/gaes/libsrv_gaes

     OK, now KGPU is and the GPU-cipher is fine and helper is running.
     If you want to use eCryptfs, keep helper running, open
     another terminal or console in current directory:
     sudo rmmod ecryptfs && sudo insmod service/gaes/ecryptfs/ecryptfs.ko

     Then mount you eCryptfs partition. To use GPU cipher, you should
     use AES with 16Byte key.

     To stop it:
     Umount your eCryptfs partition and:
     sudo rmmod ecryptfs
     Stop "helper" program.
     sudo rmmod gaes && sudo rmmod kgpu     

Weibin Sun, Xing Lin
{wbsun, xinglin}