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Commits on Nov 2, 2011
  1. @real-dam

    release 0.90

    real-dam authored
  2. @real-dam
Commits on Nov 1, 2011
  1. @real-dam

    MANIFEST.SKIP: skip t/emped-*

    real-dam authored
    these are generated
  2. @real-dam

    avoid using warn(char*)

    real-dam authored
    the contents of the char* may contain format strings
    (like %d), which would be interpreted making warn()
    access illegal instead, use warn("%s", char*) to clearly
    state the intent
Commits on Oct 28, 2011
  1. @stefansbv
  2. @stefansbv
  3. @real-dam

    Merge 'optional-libfbembed' into master

    real-dam authored
    Closes #21. First-grade embedded support available now
    	Makefile.PL -- compiler flags and objects
Commits on Oct 27, 2011
  1. @real-dam
Commits on Oct 26, 2011
  1. @real-dam


    real-dam authored
    this allows influencing the compiler flags from the environment
    Useful for situations where certain flags are imposed by
    the builder, for example Debian/Ubuntu auto-builders
Commits on Oct 25, 2011
  1. @real-dam

    support DBD_FIREBIRD_REQUIRE_EMBEDDED env. variable

    real-dam authored
    this is useful in automated build environments (like
    Debian build daemons) where one would expect consistent
    results wrt embedded availability both accross architectures
    and across different versions
  2. @real-dam
  3. @real-dam
  4. @real-dam

    db_login6, gfix: abort if DPB length doesn't match projected

    real-dam authored
    getting this wrong easily leads to memory overwrites
  5. @real-dam

    rework populating of DPB

    real-dam authored
    preparing and populating DPB is now done via centralized
    set of macros, so it should be easier to keep accurate.
    No longer need to remember that integers require 6
    bytes, and strings 2 bytes + string length (excluding NUL
  6. @real-dam

    db_login/charset: copy only SV content

    real-dam authored
    there is no guarantee that there is a trailing NUL
  7. @real-dam

    db_login6: fix dbp ingrements for strings and integers

    real-dam authored
    for strings we have 1 byte for the dpb key, 1 byte for
    the string length, followed by the string itself,
    *without* NUL terminator
    for integers we have 1 byte for the dpb key, 1 byte for
    the length and 4 bytes for the integer itself
    It seems to have worked before, but this is some kind
    of a coincidence -- allocating more for strings and
    less for integers and depends on given parameters,
    memory layout and the phase of the moon :)
  8. @real-dam

    db_login6: use determined database length

    real-dam authored
    should be noop in the common case, but who knows
  9. @real-dam
  10. @real-dam

    build/test without ISQL

    real-dam authored
  11. @real-dam
  12. @real-dam

    tests: rework database dropping without ISQL

    real-dam authored
    avoids depending on external, hard to locate binary and
    tests the driver code. works with client/embedded
  13. @real-dam

    add ib_drop_database function

    real-dam authored
  14. @real-dam

    check_database: rework without ISQL

    real-dam authored
    Instead of depending on external binary (finding of
    which is a burden by itself), try connecting to the
    database and find its dialect using the driver
  15. @real-dam

    generic create_test_database

    real-dam authored
  16. @real-dam
  17. @real-dam

    turn forced writes off using the driver method

    real-dam authored
    elliminates the need to call external gfix, tests the code
    and makes turning forced writes off work in embedded
    mode even if gfix is linked with fbclient
  18. @real-dam

    implement DBD::Firebird->gfix

    real-dam authored
    For now it provides changing only the forced writes flag
    and the default number of cache buffers
  19. @real-dam

    use the driver instead of isql for creating the test database

    real-dam authored
    simplifies code, drops one place where isql is needed,
    tests the create_database method, and works with embedded
    even if isql is linked with fbclient
  20. @real-dam

    add DPB_FILL_STRING_LEN macro for when we know the length

    real-dam authored
    the SvPV macro gives it to us anyway
  21. @real-dam
  22. @real-dam

    move decoding of status into ib_error_decode

    real-dam authored
    makes it possible to get a string (char*) representation
    of the error, without having a dbh at hand
  23. @real-dam
  24. @real-dam
  25. @real-dam
  26. @real-dam
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