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Chessfactory: hall of fame

The purpose of this project is to explore the lichess database for interesting games and positions. As an example, I created my list of interesting parties by various criteria (see below).

Originally, Chessfactory is my study web chess project, inspired by lichess.

This project has same name prefix, because also study and inspired by lichess :)

Used tools:

I scan lichess database(there was 602M games at march 2019) and here is my results:

  1. List games where defeated side has piece advantage

  2. Find longest uncrossed knight path in real games

    Read more about this problem(wikipedia)

  3. List games, where mate reaches by piece promotion, and winning side has less material

    game from picture

  4. List games by strongest knight fork (by fork-ed material)

  5. List games sorted by average ranged pieces(B,R,Q) capture distance:

  6. List positions where side can do a lot of captures?

    Game from picture

  7. List positions where 8 pieces stay on one board-column

  8. List games ended by en passant mate

  9. Has ideas?

    Your turn :)

    If you interested you can read more about tecnhical aspects and implement your own chess research ideas.


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