Track the load progress of your Bundler-based projects
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Why stare blankly at your terminal window when you can clutter it up with awesome progress bars?

Use Bumbler to track the load progress of your Bundler-based projects! Maybe you'll find a slow gem or two.

Using Bumbler

Step 1:

gem install bumbler

Step 1.5:

Add bumbler to your Gemfile if you want to use bundle exec

gem 'bumbler', require: false

Step 2:

Add the following to your .profile, .bash_profile, .zshrc, .wtfrc or whatever shell config you use

export RUBYOPT=-rbumbler/go

Step 3:

Restart your terminal

Blammo, you're bumbling with bundler and bumbler!

Run a Bundler-based command, and you should see a spiffy progress bar, such as:

> rails c
[#########                                                                     ]
( 7/59)  492.04ms loaded data_mapper 
> Bumbler::Stats.all_slow_items  # show slowest loading gems
> Bumbler::Stats.gc_objects      # gems making the most gc objects
> Bumbler::Stats.memory_delta    # gems causing the most memory increase

And then maybe you'll also want to contribute some patches to make your favorite gems load faster.