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Evaluation of several different b-trees with regard to lock contention
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This is the repo for our databases class project. Our report is in report.pdf.

We modify the concurrent B-tree with OLC from


> git clone
> cd hot-spots
> git submodule update --init --recursive
> make

You need to have g++ 7 or newer, along with GNU make.

To run tests for B-tree implementations: make tst.all. To run a test foo: make foo.tst.

To build the report: make report.pdf.

Running workloads

All benchmarks were run using the benchmarks/ script in this repo. It allows varying the number of insertion and lookup threads, the B-tree implementation, and the number of operations per thread, the initial load of the B-tree, and the frequency with which to output statistics. See the usage message for more info:

> cd benchmarks
> bash # prints help message

To run benchmarks, you need to have passwordless sudo access. You also need to have cpupower installed. To get this tool, install apt install linux-tools-common. Then, attempt to run cpupower. This will fail with a message that tells you what else to install (it is kernel-specific). Install the first package only.

Plotting graphs

The results of the workloads are produced in the results directory. To graph results, use the results/ script. The figures in the figures directory were generated using this script. See the usage message for more info:

> ./ # prints the help message

This script requires python 3, numpy, and matplotlib.


The organization of this repository is as follows:

  • This README.
  • makefile: The makefile for building and running everything.
  • benchmarks/: Implementation of benchmarks and utilities for running.
  • btrees/: Implementation of B-trees.
  • figures/: Figures produced from results with the script.
  • results/: Results produced from the script.
  • tests/: Correctness tests for the B-trees.
  • report.tex, references.bib: Our report.
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