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Fullstack Wolfpack

This is the code for my blog & tutorial site,

Based on static-blog-generator

I built this based on Anton Fisher's Node & Nunjucks static-blog-generator that I found on GitHub. I've modified it to accommodate lessons (a new content type) and my preferred workflow (src & dist folders).

Built with Node, Gulp, Nunjucks & Markdown

I used Fisher's Node, Nunjucks & markdown static-blog-generator because:

  • I like to write my blog posts & lessons in markdown
  • I plan to write my flashcards in a modified version markdown (so I can make many quickly)
  • I wanted a templating system (like Nunjucks or Twig) to separate content from structure so when I write blogs/lessons, I can just write the copy quickly without worrying writing a bunch of HTML markup. This also eliminates a lot duplicate boilerplate layout HTML markup.
  • I wanted this site to be free of all bloat and load really fast, like in < 10kb. I wanted to avoid webfonts and also webapp frameworks like Angular for the sake of speed.


  • I knocked this all out quickly this weekend and there's plenty to refactor and beautify.
  • Thinking of adding some barebones ajax calls to avoid page reload when clicking links. Not sure if that's silly and that I should just do it in something like Angular or not. I'm thinking I don't need all the rich functionality of Angular and might be able to sort of a minimal version with lower overhead. I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this—more to be researched on this.


I built this for me, but if you want to fire this up for whatever reason here's how:

git clone

cd fullstackwolfpack/af-static-blog-generator

npm install

npm start


All blog and lesson content is copyrighted by me and not for reuse in any way. Since the Gulp blog generator code was originally Anton Fisher's before I modified it, I've included his MIT license and his readme in the af-static-blog-generator folder.